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An Analysis of Tragic Love between Gatsby and Daisy

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Many critics hold the view that Daisy is one of the causes that lead to the disillusion of Gatsby’s dream. They think Daisy is an as? set class miss, who has no thought, no sentiment, flimsiness and bored person. Unlike many critics, I don’t think Daisy is a fickle, shallow, and sardonic woman. I believe she is also a victim of that era. Zhou Jiaqiu has pointed out in the Half is an Angle; the Half is the Devil that“if we only regards Daisy as a material girl, we not on? ly humiliate the sacred love of Gatsby, but also influence the reputa? tion of the author.

Because under the description of the writer, the leading lady is depicted as fullness and vivid character, a pathetic scorned wife whose husband leads a double life. She is both realis? tic and romantic, a half angle and a half devil. ” Gatsby cheated and occupied Daisy by telling a lie, making Daisy believe he has the ability to take care of her, but actually he does not have. The evening before Daisy got married, she received Gatsby’s letter, and she cried out of heart, almost changed her mind of marrying Tom.

But when Daisy really needed him, he couldn’t accompany her. From this point of view, Gatsby should feel sorry for Daisy. I think Daisy is a realistic girl. After she married Tom, al? though she kept her affluent life and social status of upper class, she had to endure her husband’s betray and abandon again and again. In the world of East Egg, alluring appearance serve to cover unattractive realities. The marriage of Tom and Daisy Buchanan seems menaced by a quiet desperation beneath its pleasant surface.

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Daisy’s tragedy lies in that she has the instinct of love, but she can submit to reality. She knew life is an illusion by control pains? takingly, but she still will live in illusion. Trapped in the contradic? tion, Daisy only made the gesture, so she lost the right to enjoy the real emotion. Faced with the pain of life, Daisy chose to hypnotize herself, just as her hope about her daughter—“I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful lit?

An Analysis of Tragic Love between Gatsby and Daisy essay

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