The Great Gatsby from Daisy’s Point of View

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Daisy's point of view

In this chapter of The Great Gatsby, starts out with Tom and Nick on the train, their way to New York City. On their way Tom makes them get off of the train so that Nick can meet his "girl". Tom takes them to a house in the "valley of ashes" which Is the poorest part of the city. They arrive at George Wilson's house. George Is married to Tom's lover Myrtle. Myrtle then leaves the house to Join Tom and Nick on their trip to the city. After Myrtle buys a dog In the city, the group heads to Myrtle's sister's house. At her place, they have a small party with a couple called the Emcees. At this party, Nick gets drunk for the second time In his life. Later that night Myrtle starts talking about daisy and when she won't stop Tom punches her In the face and breaks her nose. Immediately after the party stops and Nick finds himself on the 4 am train back to Long Island. Daisy Is The Great Gatsby most "mysterious", and perhaps also the most disappointing, character. She Is Just a selfish, low, and hurtful, woman. After marrying Tom, a rich man, she moves to East Egg, Long Island.

Daisy is a woman who likes to "play" with men, she loves to overstress and improvise. Most men are fascinated by her and daisy enjoys it, being the center and get attention. At the same time Daisy wants to be liked and popular among all the men around her. Daisy's point of view: Today, we had my cousin Nick come over for dinner. It had been quite some time since I last saw him. My friend Jordan and I were sprawling on the couch on a hot summer afternoon, and at the same time, he came. Nick's school years were over and had just graduated from the University of Yale, and were looking or work. He had changed a lot, he was more of a young mature man. We couldn't bother to stand up and welcome him, so instead, we talked, while still sprawling. I knew he came to live in the West Egg, I bet he will visit us quite often. Nick had this naive look on his face, which I couldn't be bothered to ask why, but made him look so lame like that. Yesterday, I had so much fun. Nick got embarrassed when I asked him that he was engaged and getting married soon. The way he denied it and got flushed, it was worth to be seen and remembered when I want a laugh on a miserable day. I'll always remember that. Anyway, today Tom and Nick went together to see a "friend". I bet it's that "Myrtle woman" again. I don't know what he finds In her. I'm so furious when he has an affair with other women when he has a wife Like me. How could he do such a thing like that? I don't see why he Is taking Nick either. What's It to Nick anyway?

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Nick to her as well? Tom Is so vulgar to me. He doesn't treat me as I deserve at all. I wish he was always loyal to me, I just wish that we could adventure love.

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