Film and Tragic Love Story

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Last January 10, 2013, I, together with my English 211 classmates watched the Lantaw 2012 Short-film festival. It’s my first time to watch a short-film here in USM since Lantaw is a yearly activity here in our school. I was really excited to watch those 5 short-films, especially the film “Salamin” from Ateneo de Davao University, who got first place in a certain event. I also enjoyed the 4 films, namely; Surat, Kulta, Ayuda, and Incognito. In the film “Surat”, produced and directed by the 2 BSECE-A, I was really surprised because my friend, April Mae Tulang, is the lady protagonist in the film.

It was a tragic love story between a teacher and a rebel. It was a nice film and story, but for me the ending is a bit predictable one, the guy died and the teacher became an old maid. Let’s go to the film “Kulta”, from 2 ABPolSci. This film is a tragic-family story. The story was based from the reality today. In the film, they were orphans, but still a happy family. Not until when the youngest of them got sick, and she really needed to get in the hospital. Because of being penniless, the oldest son took the risk of being a bomb carrier in exchange of money.

It was a reality-based film. It’s just, I can’t understand what were they’re saying because there’s no subtitle in the movie. While in “Ayuda”, from 3ABEnglish, is one of the short-films that I’ve been enjoyed watching. I enjoyed this film simply because we can related based from the story! It’s a college love story. The cast of the film played each of their roles nice and easy. But we were wondering about the ending of the film. It was totally fuzzy why the guy holds a mini-knife. Will he take suicide? Or will he kill the antagonist?

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It’s very confusing. And the film which I mostly liked, the “Incognito”, which is from DevChem (students from Development Communications and Chemistry department) really amazed me. The main cast were so amazing in performing their different roles. And the ending was really unpredictable! I did not imagine that pretty lady was … gay. Haha. I am very happy for the people who made this short-film. They made it really great! I was really excited in the “Salamin” by the AdDU filmmakers because Sir Lloyd said that Salamin is a must-see short-film.

And I really watching the film. At first, I never imagined that it/s going to be a horror movie. Their setting was nice, the actors especially the main characters delivered well. I was having fun even though some parts of the movie surprised me, it has a good sound effects and a loud and clear voice which I understand easily. Over-all, the Lantaw short-film Festival was a success. The audiences enjoyed those 5 films being watched. Thanks for the loud Sound System that we all heard the sounds loud and clear. Ellyn Mae L. Arias

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