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Thank goodness I made it back in one piece. I have my brother and the world is happy again. Especially since Carl and Little Davy have been sent to the beginning of time. First, I’d like to say that I have finally and successfully finished building my time machine but there’s a story behind that: Psycho gave me this booster for the time machine to finally get it running. When I got home, I was pretty excited because I was sure that it was going to work. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I was so frustrated and fell asleep with Scout in my arms. That same night, forgot to turn off the machine.

Sometime between that and waking up this morning, my dog Scout disappeared. I was really scared and nervous but I had to go to school. Later that day, my school had a field trip to the museum. In the museum, we saw these dioramas of early man and I kept seeing this dog that looked an awful lot like Scout. I realized it was Scout and at that point it hit me that she might have gotten into the machine while I was sleeping and went back in time and became known as a “thoropulis”. The explanation behind the “thoropulis” was that it seemed to have always been searching for something or someone.

My guess is that she was trying to get home. As my class was learning more and more about this “thoropulis” it hit me that it could only mean that the time machine actually worked! I was so excited to get back home because this meant one thing: I could travel in time and save my brother! When my class and I got back to the bus from the museum, the same white van that Carl and Little Davy drive turned up at the museum. Todd and I became super nervous because there was only one explanation as to why they were there: they were after me!

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Todd quickly hatched up a plan to distract Carl and Little Davy. He had the class get out of the bus to shield me from view. From that point, I ran back home and rushed to my room to activate the time machine. By accident in panic, I set it two years in the future instead of setting it to six weeks in the past. Once I was zapped to the future, I found myself in my bedroom except things looked a little different and looked A LOT nicer. When I stepped outside the house to walk around town, I came upon a banner that said “Dalton Trumble Appreciation Day” . Wait what?

There’s a holiday for my dad? It turned out he wrote a famous book called, “Alex and the Amazing Time Machine”. I stole one of the copies of the book from the future and brought it back to the past that way my father could actually write it. After that little adventure, it was time to save my brother Steven. I set the machine six weeks back in the past. After being zapped, I found myself in my bedroom again but this time I felt that there was a sense of cheeriness in the air that I hadn’t felt since Steven was taken. While I was on my way to the camp, I had to make sure that I wasn’t seen.

The one place I could hide in was the trunk of my dad’s car. I hid there because this was the same day my family went to the camp retreat, which is where Steven was taken. It was such an uncomfortable ride being squished in the trunk. When the car stopped, I snuck out of the trunk when my family wasn’t looking and grabbed a sleeping bag before closing it quietly. I went to a shed to collect some supplies that might come in handy to camp out in the woods to collect some strength and rest for what might be a dangerous mission. The next morning, I caught my fish for breakfast and was ready to save my brother.

My plan however didn’t really work out. I saw Steven had already been taken by Carl and was on my way to get him until Little Davy captured me. We were both put into the van and were asked a bunch of questions. Steven sat quietly but was clearly scared because he had no idea of what was going on. I ended up answering all of the questions but not entirely truthfully. Unfortunately, they could tell when I was lying and it looked like they were prepared for it too because each time that I lied, they forced me to eat a forkful of worms that they had collected.

By the time I answered all of the questions, I had eaten almost half of the plate of worms. YUCK! Next thing I knew, Carl had me and Steven tied up to trees and he had a gun that shot people into a universe similar to ours except the universe he was going to shoot us to had no way of escaping. All of a sudden, Todd showed up with a metal baseball bat in hand. You could only imagine the shock I had when I saw him. Not to mention the relief! Todd went straight for Carl and knocked his knees out. At that exact moment the gun was fired and hit a set of leaves.

After Carl was on the ground moaning, Todd went straight to Little Davy and hit him in the knees as well. Once he was on the ground moaning like a baby, Todd ran to us untied us from the tree. We quickly tied up Carl and Little Davy and I used my time machine to open a portal to the beginning of time and sent them there. I closed the portal immediately so there would be no escape. I looked at Steven and explained that I had enough love for the both of us. I told him this because he always felt unloved. He was really happy to hear this and I received a great, big hug from my brother, which was really nice.

Afterwards, I told him to come up with a silly story to explain to our parents as to why he was missing. When he left, I thanked Todd for coming back and being there to help rescue my brother and me. It turned out that Todd found my time machine that I had left in the present in my room when I left to go to the past. A few weeks later, Todd went missing and I thought it was happening all over again! Next thing I knew, he materialized himself in my bedroom holding a dog. Guess who that dog was. Yep! It was Scout! I gave them both a really big hug and thanked Todd for rescuing my dog.

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