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Alex Rikki Tikki

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Both the book and the film used the same plot but spent a different amount of time on the explanation of the mall points. Hat are you trying to say) The plot of the book developed at a very quick pace during the orientation and became more detailed throughout the violence. The book of Rick Talk-Table explains the life of a young mongoose that Is separated from his family and normal environment due to a summer flood. The book involved two complications, one being Rick Tike's separation for his family and the other being that deadly snakes are in charge of the new environment that he Is having to adapt into.

The climax of the story was Risk's first fight with a snake because it showed his revere and was the beginning of his adventure to defeating all the snakes. Rick Talk resolved both his problems by settling Into his new environment and found a new habitat. He also managed to kill the snakes and destroyed the eggs so that another dynasty of the snakes couldn't begin. The theme of the book version of Rick Talk-Table Is bravery and courage which are both demonstrated by Roll throughout the whole story. The plot of the film is also the same as the book except there are changes of sequences of events.

The plot of the film developed gradually from a slow orientation and description of the story to a very quick explanation and showing of the violence. The film version of Rick Tike-Davit did not explain the life of the young mongoose but showed it instead which added an effect on the viewer because what was happening could be seen, The orientation In the film was narrated In detail and the film also had the same two complications as the book does as the story outline of both the film and book was the same.

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The climax of the film version of Rick Tike-Davit was the battle between Rick Tike and Nag In the bathroom as the lead up to this moment was very slow and it begun to become more intense. In the film Rick managed to resolve the complications by also adapting into his new home and killing the snakes and there eggs. The theme of the film version of Rick Tickle-Davit Is loyalty, bravery and courage which are noticeably demonstrated by Rick as he looked up to elders and showed his bravery through his victorious fights.

The setting and characters were both key components for both the film and book. The film developed the characters and settings of Rick Tike-Davit better than the book. The characters ad different personalities and characteristics to each other. Nag and Angina are both represented as evil characters but Anglia is smarter than Nag Is. Dare and his wife are also the same except they both have a different personality and characteristic. Dare is a low self-esteemed character who is not very smart and is scared.

Whereas his wife, Is the smarter one out of the two and will do whatever's required to guarantee her and her families safety, as shown when she flies down to slow down Angina during her battle with Rick. Characters' feelings were not only toy 2 Angina had a low, deep hiss that the viewer could straight away interpret anger from and to show Risk's anger his eyes changed into a sparkling red that helped the viewer identify his anger from. Anger was not the only characteristic shown through these visuals and sounds but it was the main one.

Happiness was shown on Rick but the licking of his lips and his tail puffing up. Fear was shown through silhouettes and shadows creating a bigger version of the character. The setting in the film version of Rick Tike-Davit was explained in detail and was not only explained through words but also with visuals. Rather than having to describe the beginning of the story the filmmaker showed the audience and used sound effects to create a better understanding.

The narrator in the film explained that the story was set in India whereas in the book it did not say where the story was set. The garden was the most described and was described positively through the perspective of Rick Tike-Davit. "This is a splendid hunting ground" is an example of Rick enjoying the sight of the garden. Language features were used in the book to engage the reader. The book erosion of Rick Tike-Davit used language features to engage the reader throughout the story. He could fluff up his tail till it looked like a bottle brush" is an example of simile that the book uses. Rick Tike's tail is being compared to the fluffiness of a bottle brush and its softness. "Kicking and clucking" is an example of onomatopoeia that is used in at the beginning of the text through Risk's Journey getting washed away. An example of alliteration in the text is "Good gracious" and "bottle-brushy'. These two phrases use the same letter at the beginning of the word consecutively. Another example of simile used in the text is "as big as summer houses".

Multimode and visual features are key aspects throughout the film. The film version of Rick Tike-Davit uses multimode and visual features very effectively to make the story more entertaining and appealing. The sound and music of the film is used to make the segment being shown more realistic. At the beginning to allow the viewer to understand that the video is set in India it begins with Indian music and to make the summer flood more realistic sounds of thunder cracks and lightning strikes are used.

Sound and music is also used to show adventure or in between segments when the narrator is not speaking. The film uses different camera shots, ranging from close ups to landscape shots. The film uses close ups mainly when Rick is angry to show his red eyes and its importance and signification to representing anger. Landscape or full shots were used to show the garden and all its beautiful and natural expressions. The film version of Rick Tike-Davit created a better understanding of the story and its outline rather than the book.

This is because the film did not only tell the story like the book did but also showed it to help the viewer understand it much better. The book version had a lot of detail but lacked visuals and could have used more pictures so that the reader does not have to use their imagination. This is great work, Alex. Vive made a few suggestions (in red), but haven't corrected everything. I suggest that you re-read this critically and thoroughly and you'll see most things you might need to correct. One suggestion: use italics when you are talking about the book or film title Rick Tike-Davit.

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