The main aim is not to be afraid of yourself

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Several months ago I participated at training “Effective communication”. Actually, I didn’t think it will be useful for me, because I wasn’t a shy person, who doesn’t know what he wants from life.

I didn’t have some special problems in personal relationships and in communications with my friends/teachers/family/etc. Still, my friend invited me to visit this training and I agreed. Let it be, - I thought, - maybe I’ll find something interesting there, - who knows. To tell the truth, it was very useful for me and I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about myself which helped me to communicate with other people more effective.

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After that training I understood that if I remain myself (if I’m not changing myself) I’ll be happy and I’ll always be able to find way out from any difficult situation.

The main aim is not to be afraid of yourself, to love and to accept yourself as you are. Unexpectedly for me I found out that I always was unsure in my actions, I was self-confident but only to some extent and very often after I took some decision; I tried to think over, what could happen if I acted in another way.

I mean that I learned to look at my problems in simpler way, and then after I realized that actually I don’t have any problems. I understood that when the person is “opened”, people like him and they strive after him. You don’t need to be afraid and to hide your feelings, and then people start to understand you. Some of my fears from childhood disappeared; now in many cases I can control my aggression towards the other people.

I was able to determine aim in my life, my internal state of mind changed into more vivid and confident. Communication with other people became more opened; I started to control my feelings. I learned that everything in my life depends on me, not on somebody else. That there are a lot of great possibilities, I only have to open my eyes and to reach them. Before I was loosing confidence in stress situations, and now I’m able to control my feelings.

We made different kinds of tests and I understood that I like to clash with my friends and that I don’t show to people, who are close to me, feelings expressing my good attitude to them. I received practical knowledge in the field of understanding of human emotions and problems; I learned a lot of facts about myself with help of self-analysis and from opinions of other people. It was the unique experience for me and it helped me greatly in my life.


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