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Aging: A Natural Process and New Stage of Life

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Death: And They Bade Goodbye Loss is a usual incident in human existence (Becker, page 9). It primarily incites high prominence in both personal and social responses. Through scientific approaches, awareness to the complexity and influence of loss to humans’ acclimatization and collective responses has come to pass in the 20th century. Development of grief therapy and grief counselling was contributed by the clinical needs of people struggling with various losses. Preventive psychiatry was originated by numerous crisis-intervention programs and teams.

Crisis teams were pulled together to manage disaster situations and suicide-prevention programs were recognized in many communities. Mutual-help groups were started to work in response to increasing demands for strengthening those who have lost their loved ones. Reception of loss and bereavement is a serious human problem. Deteriorating Function: Body Weakens Persons with rational and progress disability persistently face hindrances in accessing services in community. As they become old and be on their late years, they are at great risk for functional decline.

Some studies have demonstrated that older adults suffered from being apprehensive about their health status (Williams and Nussbaum, page 143). They are so much worried that deterioration of physical functioning and illnesses might brought them little space in the society and might render them unable to live independently. In addition, after serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and fracture, anxiety disorders often appear. Advanced practice nurses acknowledged a number of active health-related predicaments for aging people with an intellectual and developmental immobilization that had latent consequences on function and survival.

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Aging: A Natural Process and New Stage of Life

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Reduced Income: Smaller Penny Retirement and subsequent change of financial situation made many elderly worried about their lives. Economic downturn in recent years augmented their concern about the employment and income of their adult children. The only intervention to remedy this situation is to secure the elders about their needs. Social World: Closing Doors Nursing intervention may prevent or ameliorate some functional decline. Social decline may sometimes happen progressively and is not reversible.

This deterioration often goes together with illnesses like chronic and terminal disease states such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, degenerative joint disease, cancer, and heart failure. Social status is influenced as physiological aging changes and as adaptation to the physical environment transform. Acceptance of the social world to elders is a contingent and it involves proper motivation (Thomas, page 349). Additional impediment of social decline comprises incontinence, loss of independence, decreased socialization falls, malnutrition, and increased risk for long-term institutionalization and depression.

Nurses have been foremost players in confronting the challenges of taking care of older adults over the past 50 years. Defeating new challenges of the 21st century will require nurses to move beyond the conventional ways of thinking about old aged. Advancement in national and international programs that gears towards meeting the human needs, including large numbers of people will require new perspectives on giving care and new forms of leadership in interdisciplinary efforts to help old persons in all parts of the world be as comfortable and healthy as can be as they cherished every moment of their latter years.

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