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Roster in his theory clearly brought out five distinctive stages of growth in the following order: * The traditional stage * Pre-condition to take-off stage * Take-off stage * Drive to maturity stage * The stage of High Mass consumption Sunsets criticizes Roster and he adds that the theory is a bit blurry. Sunsets states that Simon Sunsets has criticized Roost's stages of Growth Theory in the following way which may be quoted below: * Sunsets argued that Roster made the mistake of declaring that agrarian revolution was not in the traditional stage but in the pre- conditions stage.

This disturbs Sunsets since some of the characteristics of take-off stage and pre-condition to take off stage are the same and this creates confusion for scholars. Also the only transition that is not in both is the rise in investment by According to Roster, a leading sector is one which has its impact upon other sectors of the economy. "Leadership of a sector depends upon the origin of its growth in an autonomous impulse, not in response to other sectors in the country and upon the magnitude of its direct and indirect contributions to the country's economic growth.

The autonomous impulse and the various types of contribution to growth differ in timing and identification and chronology of leading sectors requires-specification and evidence lacking in Roost's discussion. * The analysis of the take-off and pre- conditions stages neglects the effect of historical heritage, time of entry into the process of modem economic growth, degree of backwardness, and other relevant factors on the characteristics of the early phases of modem economic growth in the different traditional countries. * "The concept of self-sustained growth is a sledding oversimplification.

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No growth is purely self-sustaining or purely self- limiting, and of others, by implication as lacking that property, requires substantive evidence not provided in Rows discussion. " This is very important since we * Roster has tried to equate poverty or the traditional society with a predominantly agricultural economy. Ireland, New Zealand is mainly agricultural economies; at the same time they are quite affluent and developed. Roster was seen to only Judge on certain economies alone and only peered into the known fact, thus he ignored other

My Economic By Eukaryotic Roost's theory reflects poor history. In his opinion, economic development can be demarcated into five clearly separated stages. These stages reveal a certain degree of uniformity. There is no guarantee that a country must go through all these stages one after another. * According to Roster, there are certain leading sectors expansion in which will spread to other sectors. But in the developing economies there are certain cultural, political and social bottlenecks due to which self-sustained growth may not take place.

Besides, we do not have an adequate basis for generalization in Roost's analysis. The numbers of countries taken are very less? being only twelve. Key statistics analyses are inadequate. * Also, Rows theory failed in providing enough evidence about growth and development in a country's growth, wealth and also steps taken by the country. Sunsets argued that Roster mostly depended on historical records and also self-opinion and that it was not clear in facts and evidence.

In conclusion, as much as Roster did a great Job in explaining n steps economic development within states, his weakest link came in when he only used history as a method of Judging past, present and future success in economics. Sunsets criticism is from an open minded view and he cleverly uses his critics to positively encourage Roster and also other scholars to look evenly all over the world and study them so as to make good Judgments. Rows theory was accused of being biased in research since he only used specific research and location to Judge and conclude the evolution of development in a whole.

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