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Advocacy for Families and Youth

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Josie is an 11-year-old bi-racial “at-risk” adolescent who lives with her single mother. Josie has a history of learning and behavioral problems in school. She attends a large suburban school and is struggling in sixth grade. Josie can be a behavioral problem in the home and community and has been referred to your agency for advocacy services. She has been asked not to return to her soccer team because of her behavior and is no longer permitted at her after school program. One day when you are talking with Josie, she reports that she has been extremely depressed and just does not care about living anymore.

In paragraph format, discuss, and describe the basic theories or methodologies involved in advocacy and the role of the advocate in working with at-risk families or youth.

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Explain how you would advocate for Josie in both the personal and professional setting by addressing the following questions:

1.What are the key advocacy issues or risk factors impacting this case? List at least three and explain why these are key issues. Make sure to take cultural considerations into account.

2.What should be done to address the advocacy issues? List at least three solutions per issue identified. Be very specific and support your response with at least two sources.

3.Identify any roadblocks that could occur to successful advocacy for this scenario. List and explain at least three roadblocks. Support your response with at least two sources.

4.What are the key legal and ethical considerations relevant to this case? How would you address these considerations?

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