Advocacy for Seniors

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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Advocacy is defined as a person who advocates on the behalf of an individual or a group. The advocate provides the client support at helping the client resolve issues that affects his or hers daily life (Barky, 2007). Advocating for seniors with Alchemist's that face issues with their, health and overall wellbeing. This disease threatens millions of lives every day. The disease not only affects the patient but the Emily of the patient as well. The affect can be mentally as well as financially. As advocate you stay on top of policies and legislation issues and help elevate the cause. It is one of the diseases that does not get the attention it so richly deserves. When advocating for seniors there a wide variety of issues confronting those with Alchemist's such as housing, finding the right caregiver, medical concerns, and social issues. One of the plans is to decide tit the family if the patient has family how to take of this task. My plan would be to first find agencies and resources, to discuss the plan with an altercate expert and explain my concerns for the client. A decision must be made on whether the client is able to remain home with family and a caregiver or be moved to an assisted living resident that is suited for Alchemist's patients Whether at home or in a senior facility plans must be made carefully.

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Issues that might occur are things such as finances, a caring and experienced caregiver, gal decisions, and if at home the daily living safeties are very important. There are other issues like transportation to a from the doctor's office, or maybe finding an adult daycare. The daycare is a facility where the patient could get involved daily activities that can help with stimulation of the brain along with the medications that he or she is taking. I would also help create a plan with the family, such group sessions, reading material, or online classes on how to care for their love one. These activities that I mention with the help of love ones can delay the disease process. When my mother was diagnosed with Alchemist's, the family received the help needed, first by making sure she took the cognitive test to see what stage she was in , she was then prescribe the medication she needed, and the resources for the family to deal with the changes that would occur. We received monthly phone calls, brochures on what to look for at each stage of the disease, and Just making sure that we were getting the help we needed.

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