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Advertisement Analysis essay example

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Advertisement Analysis On average, people today strive to look the best that they can. With this influence, consumers prefer to buy products that will give them the results they wish to achieve. Your advertisement has successfully portrayed many positive aspects of the Garnier Fructis product Sleek and Shine. By including detailed information about your product it educates a large number of consumers through the Sleek and Shine advertisement.

Along with educating your consumers, as a corporation you also persuade your clients with evidence to back up your claims made about Sleek and Shine. Although your company exposes many valid points, when it comes to the ad itself it falls short with aspects like reassurance. If you take a look at the Pantene advertisement it is clearly backed by a credible source. The Pantene advertisement can also appeal more to viewers because its layout is crisp and easy to read, instead of one that is pushed to the side and jumbled like your Sleek and Shine advertisement.

Although your an ecofriendly company which bases their products with mainly elements of nature (which explains the backdrop of a sky and a green bottle), the Pantene ad features an Olympian with a gold theme that conveys a thought to consumers that their product is the best and it will give the consumer what they want to look their best. What gives Pantene such a strong hold with this advertisement is the ethos that is set up behind it. The credibility of this ad is what brings it home for consumers; this is because it gives them reassurance that they are using the best product available to them.

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Having partners like P&G or the Olympics shows that this Pantene product is one of the best because it is back by major successful enterprises. Another huge aspect of the credibility of this ad is the quote “ … I always come out shining” by an Olympic gold medalist confirming that if you are one of the best you would only use the best products. Featuring major enterprises and Olympians gives the consumer trust and reassures them that by using this Pantene product they are getting what the best use. Along with the use of ethos the Pantene advertisement persuades its cliental by manipulating their emotions.

As you can see there is a wide use of gold tied into this ad: from the water, to Natalie Coughlin’s bathing suit and hair, as well as the tops of the Pantene shampoo and conditioner bottles. The reasoning behind the wide use of gold is because how the color itself makes one feel. Gold conveys a feeling of joy for people it is also the color of the first place medal that one can receive at the Olympics. Just by the use of color Pantene has been able successfully apply pathos to evoke happy emotions towards using their product, which also make them believe that it is the first place product when it comes to hair care.

One of the last key rhetorical devices that Pantene uses to convey their consumers to buy is the use of logos. Although there is not much of it used in this advertisement it still helps validate points for the product. Pantene makes a claim at the bottom of the advertisement that consumers will receive “healthier hair in less than seven days”. The placement of this statement also plays a role in the use of logos, by placing it at the very end it shows the consumer that on top of being a gold medal worthy product it also is effective almost immediately.

The only thing that discredits this claim is that the Pantene product, which is a moister renewal, is compared to a non-conditioning shampoo. Aside from what the product was compared to, the claim still adds logic on to reason to use this product. When it comes to comparing your advertisement for Sleek and Shine to the Pantene advertisement it seems that Sleek and Shine has its positives, but there are things that could defiantly be improved on. One of the major differences from your advertisement compared to Pantene is Garnier’s use of logos.

The Sleek and Shine formula shows scientific evidence to back your claim of a three-day seal of sleekness. Also by including showing an actual picture of the raw materials used to make your new formula it makes it seem more logical that the product really works. Unfortunately one of the biggest down falls to your strongest rhetorical devices is the size of the text as well as layout. The fact that everything is so small these great details about the product can easily be over looked, resulting in less of a response than you should obtain.

In addition to the use of logos in the Sleek and Shine hair care we see a use of pathos. This use of emotional appeal those who want a product that works, but is also eco-friendly. By using a deep blue sky with bright white clouds and a bright green bottle it conveys the idea for the consumer that this product is natural and pure, resulting in a positive effect on your hair. This pure outlook may also result in a happy reaction from clients because there are not unknown products being put into use on their body.

Once again although this thought of purity can be illustrated to consumers, the layout still creates problems in the advertisement. A simple correction that could be applied to solve this problem would be to include information made about its natural recourses in a bigger and bolder text. One last place that your product may need to be overlooked to be revised has to do with the use of ethos. Although there is lots of scientific evidence to convey some sort of credibility, there is no direct evidence like testimonials or a quote from a credible source giving feed back on how well your product works.

However one good thing that does work for this advertisement is that by not having a credible source like an Olympian it makes the product seem more relatable and that it is a product for the everyday woman. Over all as an advertisement the Sleek and Shine product seems to be portrayed as a top product, but only if you look closely into the ad. Although the good news is that with a few slight revisions and rearranging this conclusion that this is a top product will jump right off the page and into a consumers head to influence them to buy your product.

Advertisement Analysis essay example essay

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