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HAUWA HARUNA A00013111 Ethics and leadership (PHIL 300) 6th JUNE 2012 My Leader: Outline Background of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in a small town in Austria called Brannua. He was raised in a broken home and was abused by his father while growing up. Hitler was known to have a keen interest in art and actually applied to an art school in Vienna but was turned down. He later began a career in the military as a messenger to deliver instructions to generals behind enemy lines and return with feed back to commanders.

During his time as a corporal, Hitler received awards for bravery several times and was also given the highest military honor in Germany known as the “iron cross”. After the war, Hitler returned to Germany to begin his rise to power. Thesis Statement Hitler though a very controversial character was able to bring about a lot of prosperity in Germany through his ideals experienced its largest growth sprout, but he is not remembered for any of his positive achievements but his crimes against humanity.

Method * Critically examining general accepted leadership qualities in comparison to those displayed by Hitler. * Highlighting key strong points as well as flaws in his leadership style * Gardners Leadership trait model Stamina, Vitality Eagerness to accept responsibility Intelligence, task competence, Understanding follower’s needs Interpersonal skills Capacity to motivate Need for achievement and Self-confidence

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First Sub-topic Hitler as a master of strategy Second Sub-topic Adolf’s achievements Third Sub-topic Positive contradictions in his leadership style Fourth Sub-topic Negative contradictions in his approach to leading Germany Conclusion Website Links http://www. historylearningsite. co. uk/adolf-hitler. htm http://www. nsba. org/sbot/toolkit/LeadQual. html http://www. johndclare. net/Weimar7. htm

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