A Controversial Biography of Adolf Hitler

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Argumentative Biography: Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler will forever be recognized as the human representation of evil for his racial injustice and his role in the Holocaust. Although he is responsible for the deaths of many, I believe that his greatest achievement is restoring Germany's economy after the economic collapse of the Great Depression. His positive influence on Germany's economy will forever be tarnished and remain ignored due to his infamous reputation. Hitler was a charismatic speaker that captured the hearts of a nation.

Although many only remember the second half of Hitler's rule; during the first half of his rule, he united a nation, brought stability and improved the life of Germans using innovative and persuasive methods. What fascinates me about Hitler is how although he is thought of by many as immoral and unjust, I believe he was extremely talented and intelligent. His rise to power and influence was quick, powerful and unlike anyone else in history. Using his skills he was able to rapidly transform himself from an average citizen into the powerful and influential person that he was.

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He was a great speaker and knew how to captivate and create a connection with any type of audience. In Mein Kampf, Hitler explains the passion he feels and the excitement he ignites during performing a speech; "I spoke for thirty minutes...I could speak! After thirty minutes the people in the small room were electrified" (Hitler). He was able to recognize flaws in Germany's unstable government and create solutions that would stimulate both Germany and his political status.

After the Great Depression, Germany was filled with poverty and misery, and the present government parties could not find a solution for the economic crisis. Hitler devised a plan and using his knowledge of successful persuasive speaking, he formed a new political party that targeted the citizens that were being most affected. This new political party was called the National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazi for short (Pettinger). Through the use of his inspirational speaking the Nazi Party grew and won the election in 1933, declaring Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor.

Within several days of becoming Chancellor, Hitler implemented his first economic policy that focused on decreasing the unemployment rate. Hitler created jobs by building railroads, canals and built a highway system. Hitler believed in hard work and saw education as a necessary tool for success. He provided opportunities for social mobility by developing training programs and offered incentive based advancements for workers (Garraty 917).

By 1936 Germany was flourishing under Hitler's rule. His innovative programs proved to be effective as he had nearly eliminated unemployment and had successfully restored Germany's economy (Garraty 918). Within three years Hitler had taken a hopeless and lost Nation, and created a successful and confident country. Hitler's remarkable economic turnaround stunned the world and in 1938 earned him Time Magazines "Man of the Year" award.

Although Hitler's legacy will remain tarnished by his affiliation with the holocaust, his political success and economic miracle must be honored as the great achievements that they are. When we focus solely on his political career and his contribution to Germany's prospering economy it is clear that Hitler was a positive influence for Germany.

He swiftly came to power and effectively resolved Germany's economic crisis. During his rule he was able to create stability and provide financial security for millions of German. His Charismatic allure and policies unified a suffering nation. Although his evil crimes must never be forgotten, his positive influence left behind cannot go ignored. Adolf Hitler significantly impacted our world's history and despite his negative actions, his influence on Germany's economy will remain one of his greatest achievements.


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