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My company will be looking to motivate all staff by using different theories of motivation. Regardless of the type of job our new employees have they will all hope to achieve some type of job satisfaction. People seek employment for a number of reasons. Pay is an important motivator for many employees, but people also seem to want to work for other reasons as well. I believe Motivation is important in my business, because it identifies how satisfied or dissatisfied pepole are in their work.

Employees who are highly motivated tend to work efficiently: if their level of motivation is low output will suffer and labour disputes may also occur. Abraham Maslow Theories An American physiologist identified five human needs he believed people wanted to satisfy. As one set of needs was satisfied by an individual, it would stop acting as a motivator, but the individual would then be motivated by the next set of needs. Basic Safety Social E. g. shelter Ego Self-fulfilment E. g. Job Personal ambition 1.

The first basic needs are to do with survival and include the need for clothing, warmth and shelter. People also want these basic needs to be met in a business enviroment. 2. Once the basic needs are satisfied, people's safety needs must be met. A person needs to be safe from harm both at home and at work: a safe (secure) job is also important. 3. When the basic and safety needs are satisfied, an individual's social needs become important: people look for the friendship that comes from being part of a group, such as a group of workmates. 4.

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Once these groups of needs are being satisfied, the need to achieve something personal then arises. People have ego needs to fulful. These needs come from self desire for self-esteem, linked to having a job and to making a positive contribution to safety. 5. The highest needs are the self-fulfilment ones. They involve some form of pesonal ambition: in the work situation, this could refer to finding great job satisfacion through doing work that includes a lot of responsibility or which is highly creative, and where its quality and importance is widely recognised.

Be flexible, where possible, with employees working hours and try to stagger hours so each employee has at least 1 Saturday and Sunday off a month. I will try to keep my staff happy by creating a friendly and fun atmosphere where everyone works hard but has a good time at work. This will hopefully keep employees for long periods and when needed bring in other employees who have heard we have a good reputation for looking after staff and being a good place to work. Why I have chosen above methods? I have chosen the above methods because I think they will be the most successful in my business.

Also they have been proven to be the best methods to use for a business. I think they will work in my business because I am employing youngsters so all the perks like the discounts I am giving will be very appealing to youngsters. The pay I am giving is about the amount a youngster will need to go out on a Friday or Saturday. The flexible hours will be very appealing for youngsters because these hours will give them time to go out with their friends and to fit their social lives alongside their working lives.

There will be a couple of bad points to the method I am using, with the flexible hours there will problems finding work cover for the popular days of, Saturday and Sunday, where everyone will want time off. I will have to create a timetable which states which hours employees will need to work. There are different options for this, for example, maybe employees will need to work two out of three Saturday and Sundays or work one Saturday each week or one Sunday each week. This is a problem that I originally planned to discuss with my employees but on thinking it out decided that not everyone will share the same view.

I will make the decision based on what is best for my store and make sure all employees are aware of what hours they are expected to work before starting employment with me. The employee of the month side will be a difficult motivator to set up because people will be complaining that they are floor staff and they don't sell CD's so they will claim that they are being treated unfairly. People I will have to have criteria for the type of person I will want to employ and these are: 1. Qualities: The employer will have to be up to date in the latest Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass news as this is what my shops main products are.

They will also have to know about computer games and videos for the upstairs section of my shop. 2. Qualifications: Normally my shop will want five A-C but my shop would consider you if you have a nice bubbly personality and like to chat to people. 3. Skills: You would get trained some skills, for example how to use our tills and customer care training, but it would be excellent if you had some computer skills and you enjoyed talking to people. 4. Experience: The employee will not need to have that much experience but I would prefer if you have worked in a shop before.

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