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A Time to Kill

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This is a very challenging website WTF can’t I just get on here and get some chapter summaries. It is two in the morning I have school tomorrow and my book report is do so I kinda need some chapter summaries. This website is not user friendly and I am not too fond of it because I just want some damn chapter summaries and all I keep getting is this bull shit it is reallly annoying.

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Like when your parents ask who you are testing and you have to answer them so they don’t get mad.

And you don’t want to make your mom mad because it is so close to mothers day and she needs to feel the love do you get what I’m saying? Alright I think you do. another reason this website suck dick is because you have to write a freaken essay just to use the fucking cock sucking cunt licking thing I hope I am up to 250 words by now. I am really getting mad all I want is a little help on my project but I guess these fucking people can lick my balls idk why I procrastinated for so long. ut really the internet is suppose to have everything and I have yet to find valid chapter summaries I can’t stand this. Another problem I’m writing on my iPod so ya fiuck you website y can’t you just let me get som e fucking help instead I have to waste my time and wroite a bull shit essay. I don’t know how many words I have now but I’m hopeing it’s near 250 because I’m getting really tired of this cock sucking bull fucking shit.

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