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Nor can she be a wife and mother like others. Her father's overprotection is obviously the root of all her monstrosities. (IOW) Born In a noble family, she lives In the lap of luxury, but the material life does not compensate for her sufferings. In fact, she Is Like "fish In bowl, bird In cage" as her fathers thinks, "none of the young men were quite good enough for Poor her, a beautiful young aristocrat with a miserable life Obviously, she deserves to live a better life and should have done whatever she desires: friendship, love and a happy Emily like others' as those are basic rights of a human being.

In contrast, she imprisons herself in her own house while living in loneliness and boredom. (owe) Moreover, she is not free to live her own life because of her father's overprotection. As a pretty well-off girl, she is the target of lots of men. That means she has many opportunities to choose her "right" man. Unfortunately, her father is obviously a huge obstacle for her to live on her own. We readers can figure out what she has to suffer spiritually during her childhood beside a dictatorial father whose overprotection Is so relent that her life Is considered stolen.

Her portray Is painted as a slender figure In white in the background. In fact, she is just a shadow beside her father. (owe) Her Tanners overprotection Is ten root AT all near monstrosities. Her extreme dependence on him results in monstrous deeds in her life. A new page of her life is opened when Homer Barron, a Yankee and daily laborer, appears. His appearance changes her life, but the fate doesn't smile to her. Her forgetting "noblesse oblige" in order to live with him finally receives his betrayal. The hatred and desperation in her cake her commit a dreadful crime: murder.

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What surprises and terrifies us most is that she continues to live with his corpse in the bridal room for many years without being detected. (owe) To sum up, William Faulkner is really a talented artist who paints the image of a miserable woman who suffers too much. She should be happy with her own decisions, but her father's overprotection deprives her of happiness to be a wife and mother. Moreover, she is unprepared to adapt herself to a new situation. Her life is a real hell with losses and lack of love.

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