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In the gap of the fresh Forster nowadayss repression within the English category system taking to a life with no position which is represented by the fact that Lucy and Charlotte did non acquire the suites overlooking the Arno that they expected. Charlotte represents the stiff and conventional society that is keeping Lucy back. Charlotte 's `` protecting embracing '' gave Lucy the `` esthesis of fog '' . She wants Lucy to act in a `` ladylike '' manner and wants her to avoid any improper behavior with immature work forces. Charlotte holds Lucy back from showing her true emotions with George Emerson possibly because of being humiliated herself in a love matter many old ages ago. `` I have met the type before. They rarely keep their feats to themselves. '' This has prevented Charlotte from seeing that true love exists and so nowadayss to Lucy `` the complete image of a cheerless, loveless universe '' with no position. Forster besides shows the reader that there are romantic characteristics concealed inside her. This is shown when she in secret tells Miss Lavish about George and Lucy 's buss who so proceeds to compose her novel about it. This same repression is seen with Lucy who plays her piano with passion demoing that merely through her music can Lucy genuinely express herself otherwise she is merely an ordinary conventional miss. `` If Miss Honeychurch of all time takes to populate as she plays, it will be really exciting '' ( p30 ) Mr Beebe is waiting for the minute when Lucy can interrupt free from Charlotte and take a more bold and audacious life. When Lucy returns to her place in England `` the drawing room drapes at Windy Corner had been pulled to run into for the rug was new and merited protection from the August Sun. They were heavy drapes, making about to the land, and the visible radiation that filtered through them was subdued and varied '' . The pulling room drapes protect the furniture from the detrimental beams of the Sun, merely as Lucy has been protected in Italy by Charlotte. There is no position and the visible radiation has been blocked. This symbolises how Lucy is repressed and prevented from seeing the true nature of life. They are denied the beauty of a `` position '' . Cecil besides attempts to protect Lucy with his restricting thoughts. Cecil 's attitude towards adult females is chesty and dismissive: he treats Lucy 's thoughts as if they are of `` feminine inconsequence '' and wants her to conform to an image of a Leonardo picture of enigma and soundlessness, in which he is ever dominant. When Lucy thinks of Cecil `` it 's ever in a room '' and one `` with no position '' ( p99 ) . This illustrates how Cecil is quashing Lucy 's feelings, supplying her with a life of humdrum and so forestalling her seeing the true position of life.

Forster uses Italy to rouse Lucy to new ways of thought and the gap up of Windowss to see the universe. `` The well-known universe had broken up, and at that place emerged Florence, a charming metropolis where people thought and did the most extraordinary things '' that has `` the power, possibly to arouse passions, good and bad, and convey them to speedy fulfillment '' ( p51 ) . Italy is uninhibited by category limitations and this esthesis of equality and freedom shakes the foundations of Lucy 's old position of the universe. It is a topographic point where anything can go on. Lucy 's position on life ab initio begins to open up by George and Mr Emerson trading suites. `` I have a position, I have a position... This is my boy... his name 's George. He has a position, excessively. '' Mr Emerson is talking of their positions of the river, but the Forster intends the text to hold a dual significance. The Emersons ' position has to make with more than the quality of their suites and Forster implies a metaphorical significance in that the Ralph waldo emersons have a superior position of life which is much freer and more exciting. Miss Lavish takes her Baedeker guidebook and later loses her in Santo Croce when `` for one ravishing minute Italy appeared '' to Lucy. Inside the church he meets the Ralph waldo emersons who show her how to bask the church by following her bosom non by her guidebook. Their philosophic position helps Lucy in her geographic expedition of her ain life and the universe. `` The baneful appeal of Italy worked on her, and alternatively of geting information, she began to be happy '' . Furthermore when Lucy witnesses the slaying and the Italian falls at her pess she is overwhelmed the spontaneousness of the incident. When she regains consciousness after fainting and is rescued by George, she realises that she `` every bit good as the deceasing adult male, had crossed some religious boundary '' . Lucy begins to gain that her image of the universe based on how others think she should be is being replaced by self-generated reaction and natural inherent aptitude. A new position is opening up for her. `` She contemplated the River Arno, whose boom was proposing some unexpected tune to her ears '' . This position of the river symbolises the great alteration inside Lucy and the journey to happen her true position of life. Lucy nevertheless is non reborn into a passionate adult female until she is kissed by George. `` The position was organizing at last '' . Forster is demoing how Lucy 's find of her position mirrors her personal find. Her experiences in Italy alteration her, giving her new eyes to see the universe, and a position of her ain psyche as good.

Finally Lucy at stopping points additions freedom to look out of Windowss. She is able to see clearly what she wants from life. George tells her that Cecil merely sees her as an object to be admired and will ne'er love her adequate to allow her independency, while George loves her for who she genuinely is. `` Conventional, Cecil, you 're that, for you may understand beautiful things, but you do n't cognize how to utilize them ; and you wrap yourself up in art and books and music, and would seek to wrap up me. I wo n't be stifled, non by the most glorious music, for people are more glorious, and you hide them from me. '' She so breaks off her battle with Cecil and in making this she breaks the societal codification of society. A last minute meeting with Mr Emerson convinces Lucy to acknowledge and move upon her love for George. `` How he managed to beef up her. It was as if he had made her see the whole of everything at one time. '' At the very terminal of the novel George and Lucy have eloped and have returned to the same Pension in Italy and look out from the same window to the future universe. Although they both look out to the same position of Italy it is with a really different position of the universe. George 's position has become clear through his relationship with Lucy who has given him a point to his being and Lucy 's position has changed both emotionally and by interrupting off from her societal category. They both have a actual and metaphorical `` room with a position '' one that involves populating for the minute and non merely for society.

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In decision Forster 's rubric `` A Room with a Position '' is really affectional because through Lucy 's eyes we have strayed through the streets of Florence and returned somewhat changed, unable to look at the universe in the same old manner. We all need the room to show our personal truths and the openness and freedom to love that the positions in Forster 's fresh represent.

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