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During the nineteenth century, adult females sought to asseverate themselves in an effort to get the better of the position quo of male domination, which forbade them from political assignment and rational indulgence. Furthermore, experts in the kingdom of medical specialty and scientific discipline sought to qualm the idea of feminine upward mobility, by observing the comparative failing of females in an effort to warrant inequality ( Bed Rest 4 ) . `` The Yellow Wallpaper '' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman represents an flight from society 's functions of adult females and recovering the freedom they have lost. The storyteller, endeavoring for female individualism is invariably hindered by male domination derived from the 19th century which drives her to perpetrate self-destruction.

In the articleWoman Sphere and Public Squarewritten by Karen Fisher Younger, she states:

Americans from this clip period defined adult female 's function as domestic and private, separate from the universe of public life. More than this, it was thought adult female was morally and spiritually purer exactly because she stayed off from the perverting public sphere. It was during this clip adult females 's traditional domestic functions at place as married womans and female parents took on a sacred quality. And this separate domains ideology one private for adult females and the other public for work forces were perceived as changeless jurisprudence from God. ( 43 )

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Ironically plenty, the political orientation of separate domains helped magnify adult females 's influence in the populace, harmonizing to historiographers. Womans were viewed as more moral and spiritually sound than work forces, touting the belief that adult females were better equipped to lend to the overall morality of society.

The storyteller, a adult female prescribed to rest remedy by her physician/husband John, is confined to her sleeping room, a kid 's baby's room with bad xanthous pigment and bars on the Windowss. The two Windowss that she looks out of, represents the possibilities of adult females if seen as peers by the opposite sex. The words she uses to depict her position through the first window are `` I can see the garden, those cryptic deep-shaded arbor, the exuberant antique flowers, and shrubs and gnarled trees '' ( 328 ) . The word picture of `` the garden '' represents society. The word `` cryptic '' show that adult females 's ability has n't been brought away into the visible radiation. The 2nd 1 shows `` the lovely position of the bay '' and `` a small private pier, belonging to the estate '' ( 328 ) . The bay shows that society was unfamiliar with the abilities of adult females and the private pier shows that adult females are excluded from things in society.

Following is the xanthous wallpaper. The colour yellow is looked at as mark of illness or failing. `` The colour is rebarbative, about revolting: a smouldering dirty yellow, queerly faded by the slow-turning sunshine, It is a dull yet lurid orange in some topographic points, a sallow sulfur shade in others '' ( 327 ) . This implies that adult females are the weaker of the two sexes. The storyteller 's hubby tells her to acquire over her disfavor of the xanthous wall paper in the room. `` He laughs at me so about this wallpaper! At foremost he intend to repaper the room, but subsequently he said that I was allowing it acquire the better of me, and that nil was worse for a nervous patient than to give manner to such illusions '' ( 327 ) . This shows that when adult females try to liberate themselves from the restrictive bonds of society, work forces oppress them and implement the thought that they are inferior.

The want of the storyteller 's individualism drives her to perpetrate self-destruction. She wants to leap out the window but `` the bars are excessively strong even to seek '' ( 335 ) . The bars symbolize the restrictive clasp that her hubby or all work forces have on her, or all adult females in society. `` I 've got a rope up here that even Jennie did non happen '' ( 335 ) , the rope symbolizes the manner she is traveling to manage her state of affairs. As John comes to the door and tells the storyteller to open it, she had already locked it from the interior. `` In the soft voice '' she tells him, `` I ca n't, '' and that `` the key is down by the front stairss under the plantain foliage '' ( 335 ) . At this minute in clip she is `` firmly fastened '' by the `` well-hidden rope '' and is already strung up like `` all those strangled caputs '' behind the wallpaper ( 335 ) . John goes to recover the key, he comes back to open the door and to his surprise he faints. The horror behind all this was he put her in that room where she became imprisoned by the wallpaper.

In decision, you could state that hanging herself was her signifier of flight. In a male dominated society adult females during this period were suppose to be seen and non heard, and their occupation chiefly was to hold kids and take attention of the house. The storyteller had things she loved to make, but because of the clip in which she lived, those things were non what the regulations of society wanted. `` There comes John, and I must set this off - he hates to hold me compose a word '' ( 327 ) . She has her ain thoughts and ideas that she would wish to show. `` I think sometimes that if I were merely good plenty to compose a small, it would alleviate the imperativeness of thoughts, and rest me '' ( 328 ) . The manner adult females were treated so `` It is so detering non to hold any advice ; and companionship about their work '' ( 328 ) . The storyteller 's state of affairs could hold been avoided, if her hubby had listened to the warning marks and allowed her the little pleasances she delighted in. The parturiency of the xanthous wallpapered room allowed the mute subjugation of her life to attest and subsequently lead to her self-destruction.

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