A report on measures to reverse the Declining sales output of companiy product

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The purpose of this report is to analyze the reasons for the falling demand of the company’s product by consumers; to give explanations of our understanding of the problems and recommend effective intervention strategies that will bring speedy increase in the sale of the products to improve revenue for the company.

The scope of the report also covers proferring solutions to organizational lapses, administrative bottlenecks and structural defects that will make our strategic interventions more effective.

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This report is segmented into three parts: the first part throws light on the poor administrative style and inefficient policies, and how they have helped to undermine harmony in the operations of the various departments, which consequently led to the decline of product sales.

How unrealistic staff benefits and remunerative package led to loss of morale and mass resignation of key departmental managers, among other substandard industrial practice that brought untold challenges that destabilize the financial fortune of the company.

The second part is a detailed illustration of the intervention strategies, new policies, principles and organizational restructuring that shall be used to bring a reversal of the downturn of the company’s fortune. We shall explain how we arrived at such measures, and their efficacy in solving and resolving the many challenges facing the establishment.

The third and final part analyses the internal organizational history, the politics of its operations, as well a weak decision making procedures, and how they have contributed to the company’s weakness and present problems. We shall give solutions on how these problems should be addressed, without which no intervention measures will be effective.

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