A Proposal on How to Improve the Current State of STLCC

Last Updated: 22 Mar 2023
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Among many other problems in STLCC needed to be considered or reconsidered I have chosen on introducing some other bonus courses that can be prerequisite to the courses being undertaken by various students at no chargeable fees. This can help bring in more students into the college in that a lot of students will be motivated to do some other relevant courses in line with their current courses to acquire more skills and knowledge. This whole idea revolves around attracting new students into the college in order to obtain the highest number; if this is done then STLCC college will make or realize a lot of profit in its next landing destination.

To avoid sending away of some students because of the limited time of registration in the university that has always made a lot of willing people to join the college to walk away not registered, registration can therefore be done online to allow many students to register for various courses offered, in addition to this, students will be able to choose on the various bonus programs that will best match their courses.

When registration has been improved to online, then it means that students will be able to access various courses of their choice at their own time before commencing studies. Being that a lot of students will be willing to take this offer of free programs it is therefore evident that the college will be in a position to admit many students as they can be able to contain thus increasing its profit turnout. This may result into increasing the number of classrooms and maybe adding the number of facilitators to ensure smooth running of studies.

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Existing students will also be encouraged to continue with the studies in order to get the offers made by the college. They will be motivated to carry on with their studies to the next level for them not to waste the opportunities or offers.

Introducing other programs in the college may lead to the introduction of part time learners of student who learnt in the college before the offer is passed, such students can be allowed to take the offers though not totally free but at a subsidized fee compared to what they used to pay while in the college. Not so many collages do have such offers and therefore if people come across such, they will indeed feel motivated to join STLCC and put it as their number one priority.

How can this offer be made known to the people. For this to be achieved, the college should first identify the target groups which is mainly the elites then choose on the most appropriate medium of advertisement in order for this information to reach as many people as possible. This will be the most appropriate method of communicating this offer made by the college. The school may decide to use the television which is the most common and appropriate then they also need to be wise on choosing the time of making the advert.

This will depend on what times they think their target groups are on Television watching because this according to me will be the most suitable time to pass the information. The college can also use the news papers to make the adverts and in using newspapers they have to be wise in choosing the colors to be used. This is because people will choose to read the things that are much appealing to the eye whenever time they look at the newspapers.

The branding of their offer should also matter a lot, it should be that that can be seen by very many people and that which is easy to read and understand. When all this is put into consideration then college will be in a position to receive as many students as possible who are willing to take this offer. Television advertisements are noted by marketing agencies to be the most suitable platform to nurture attention of people in a vast dimension (Carroll, 2006).

The college can also choose to use existing students to spread this information to others. This can be done through issuing circulars to them or maybe giving them printed flayers that contain this information to drop by the roadsides to allow people access this information about the offer with a lot of ease. In addition to that, then existing students can involve themselves in persuasion activities to the other people who are not members of their college telling them not to forego these offers (Petersen, 1978).

This will find when the expansion of the classrooms and increasing the number of facilitators are underway or has already been implemented by the college. Such actions will prove the offer valid to happen without facing any challenges in the implementation of these programs and not bound to fail. I therefore suggest that all these actions should be put into consideration in order to improve the profit turnout of this college by a huge number.

The college can also organize for open public meetings within the institution. This can help them gather crowds and thus pass this information with a lot of ease. Public meeting days can be organized by a school if it wants to address some of its basic functions or duties, this can be attended by every willing member of the society where this institution in located. By doing this, the college will be able to tell the community members about this offer and urge all people who are willing to come and join the college. This will also increase the number of students in the college. While doing this, you can as well conduct registration process to those who are willing to take the offer immediately without thinking and making solutions later.

Given that no proposal can go without any counter arguments, problems that the community members can raise towards this proposal like in this case the cost of making this adverts may be expensive. As much as the cost of advertising may be high in the television or any other form, it is also a sure way of passing information with an expectation of getting higher number of clients. When this happens, then the amount of profit that can be realized after that can be way much higher than the costs that were incurred during the implementation process.

Like for example if very many people received this information, they will have themselves feeling motivated to come and join. They have to pay for various expenses like the admission fees, school fees and any other chargeable fee during admissions, when this is added up a lot of money will be realized by the college thus making a lot of profit.

Another one can be time factor. The adverts can take a lot of time to reach the target group but gain this will depend on the time that it is done. I suggest that the advertisement should be made early enough in order to avoid such inconveniencies that might arise. This can be done by making these actions months prior to the implementation of the actions to be undertaken. Generally this whole thing will depend on the time that it is done and the implementers should therefore plan and organize their time well and the time that these actions should be taken.

In conclusion to my point of view, it is important to put all the requirements of such actions to be undertaken in place in order to make all these successful. Advertisement being the most appropriate method of passing information to various target group, it will therefore result into a large number of new students into the college thus making them to make a lot of money being that it is a profit making institution. It is therefore important to consider this in order to raise the standards of the college as expected by the community.

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