A Plan to Improve the Public School System

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The quality of the American Public School System is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Schools are becoming overcrowded, significant academic subjects are not being taught as often, less amounts of students are graduating, and prominent rules are not being established. Due to these detrimental factors, students are not receiving the proper education that one should obtain. If our students are not earning an efficient academic lifestyle, our future as a society will hold an unfortunate fate.

Classes that hold a larger population not only make it more difficult for the teacher to confirm that each student is grasping the subject, but also to establish a personal connection. Many students can grasp certain subjects effortlessly, although, others do not. Teachers must have a class size reasonably low, so they may take the time to speak to each student individually, and offer help to those who are struggling. Once teachers are able to assist students independently, and learn what their weak points are so that they may strengthen them, class grade averages would improve. When a personal connection is established in a relationship where normally the individuals are simply acquaintances, a bond of trust and respect is created, therefore, resulting in positive outcomes.

Teachers who do not direct their attention to students who are in desperate need of academic help, causes the students to not feel as though they are significant, additionally, setting forth the notion that the subject they are struggling with is not of importance either. It can be argued that it would not be possible for a teacher to manage a high school class, and be able to take the time to establish connections with every individual student. Additionally, some students would not participate in class, and refuse to obtain necessary help. However, if a teacher displays a optimistic attitude and clearly states how important it is to them that their students receive the knowledge they desire, the students will allow themselves to learn and gain the education they require.

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Students are not being exposed to subjects that will influence them later in life. Students are being taught the required subjects of high school, however, they are not being informed of substances that will expand their both creative and logical thinking. It is important that students learn basic subjects, such as math, science, history, and english. Although many use this knowledge in their adult life, there is an entire genre of education that they will not be able to comprehend, unless they are taught during this period of their life.

Students must obtain the skill of philosophy, so that they may think deeper and further into the subjects that they have already learned. Once these individuals practice this artistry of examining the knowledge they currently hold, they will be able to question it, to challenge it, to study it; this will result in their logical thinking strengthening. In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, Socrates states, "Last of he will be able to see the sun, and not mere reflections of him in the water, but he will see him in his own proper place, and not in another; and he will contemplate him as he is." When students are encouraged to look beyond the subject they are studying, and are able to analyze and understand it, they will form a stronger grasp on not simply the subject itself, but also why the subject is being taught.

Teachers should strive to have their students develop logical thinking when studying the topics they have to comprehend. Students should not learn the subject simply to pass the class or receive a high GPA, instead, they should understand the complex, logical reasoning behind the subject which is being taught. Many will argue that studying philosophy is unnecessary for students. Others argue that students should not challenge themselves to think further on into the issue, however, that action adds to the unhealthy habit of having a fixed mindset. If a student chooses to study what they are familiar with, and do not question the unit they are learning, they will remain in a mindset that does not allow them to work to their full potential.

Over 1.2 million students drop out of the high school, additionally, around 25% of high school freshmen are not able to graduate on time. It has been reported that the most common reasons for students dropping out of high school has either been family responsibility, or a failure to succeed. Many students are forced to help financially support their family, most of which drop out of high school to work full time in order to pay the bills, and in many cases, become a sole financial aid for the family itself. Due to this factor, the school system would provide financial aid to the families who are struggling.

We would obtain these finances by having an abundance of fundraisers, community grants, canned food drives, charity donations, and relay races. These fundraisers would provide the students families with enough money for the community to pay the bills, therefore, their child would be able to remain in school and focus on increasing their education, rather than having to support their family. When you band a large group of individuals together who want nothing more than to help others, there will a vigorous conclusion on both sides of the spectrum. The school would be a community full of individuals who wish to both educate and support their students, therefore, once the students were in a time of need, the teachers and staff would gladly help provide those factors.

It is possible that the school might not be able to raise enough finances to support each and every family that was in need of charity. The school would solve this problem by reaching out to local schools as well in hopes that they would be able to help advertise fundraising, which would result in the community of the city banding together to supply for the unfortunate families. Nonetheless, having students fail to succeed is a component that would require a generous amount of self motivation. The school would provide after school study groups, online tutoring, one on one tutoring, as well as teachers staying after school hours to come to their students aid. The teachers would encourage the students to achieve their goal and motivate them with positive commentary, so that the students would feel aspired to obtain additional knowledge.

When students are not forced to do an activity they want to do, and are instead approached with sanguine motivation, they will be stimulated to work harder. Teachers and staff will take suggestions and ideas from the students, in order to build stronger study groups, which will encourage other individuals who are struggling to join as well. A logical argument would be that if a student does not care about their education, they will not make an effort to move forward and receive help. It can also be noted that despite endless motivation and encouragement, a student will not accept the help being offered. However, if it does reach that point with specific individuals, they will be required to stay after school, until they finish, at the very least, a portion of the academic work.

In order to gain admission into this high school, students will be required to maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, as well as participating in an extracurricular physical activity. By following through with these actions, students will have a higher chance of receiving a college scholarship. Not only is it beneficial academically, but by having students keep their schedule active, it will maintain their mental health. It has been proven that playing sports not only keeps you physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Research has also proved that playing badminton, tennis, or baseball improves students mathematical skills.

It helps students develop leadership qualities, which would further benefit students in class for group projects. Niccolo Machiavelli states in The Qualities (from The Prince), "You must know there are two ways of contesting, the one by the law, the other by force; the first method is proper to men, the second to beasts; but because the first is frequently not sufficient, it is necessary to have recourse to the second." This statement supports the idea that students should be skilled at both physical and mental activities.

When a student keeps their life as busy as they possibly can, it is nearly impossible to misbehave and commit poor decisions. Once a student is involved in proficient academic classes, as well as physical activity, they will not have the time to land themselves into risky situations, such as trouble with the law. Despite that it is argued that students could still follow through with poor decision making, it is highly unlikely that they would be able to attend school if they did.

Once a student becomes involved in the law, and is seen as a threat, they will be expelled from the school. These accommodation of requirements would create a jocular and blooming environment for students and teachers. Any errors or issues that would occur would surely be taken care of despite the circumstances. This ideal high school should be applied to as many counties as possible, for it is guaranteed that it would begin to solve our community's largest issues.


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