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Million Dollar Baby

The theme of this story is achieving the American Dream of riches and fame, it’s also about the need for love and support. Frankie is a brilliant but unsuccessful boxing trainer who train a lot of excellent boxers but lack of success. Maggie is a natural boxer who tirelessly trains each day in Frankie’s gym even though he has rejected her requests that he trains her.

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She is at the age of 32 believes she has one last chance to make a life for herself in boxing. They are the loneness people that try to find meaning in their life. Both of them want success!

Frankie is estranged from his daughter, who returns his many letters that all are unopened. Beneath his crusty exterior is a man crying for the love and acceptance of his daughter, so he goes to church every single day. There is an aching void in his heart. Maggie is a waitress from a white trash family. Her mother only cares about her welfare. Nobody cares about her in the family. She also lack of family love but she treats her family very well because of her strong will. Maggie dedication and hard work influence Frankie’s mind and he agrees to train her, but only in the basic and then he will turn her over to another trainer.

At this point Frankie is still afraid to open himself up to Maggie who follows every word of his advice. As Maggie fights her way up in her boxing, Frankie establishes a parental relationship with Maggie. While Maggie’s mother ridicules her success is the ring, Frankie eventually arranges a million dollar fight for Maggie and they actually success. Also the movie always mentions the guy who is called Danger. He is a innocent and optimistic young boy who always come to Frankie’s gym to practice but is not a nature boxer. Being successful in boxing is also his dream.

The remorseless fact blows him into the depth of despair. Although he comes to the gym every day to practice, he can’t even fight back to the black guy. Now he know boxing is not as easy as his imagination. For this reason he disappears some days. But eventually, he comes back with his confidence. This is the irony in this story, even though you work hard, it’s not always a good outcome. He realized that he is not suit in boxing but the worshipful part is he still coming to practice tireless when he is awakened by Mr. Scrap. At least he flights for his dream and doesn’t live in a ordinary life like Maggie’s mother.

Maggie’s mother doesn’t have a job because she is lazy and she lives on the welfare. She doesn’t have a dream and doesn’t care about her own daughter. The only thing she concerns is money even though her own daughter is on the verge of death. At the top of the life of Maggie’s boxing, she is being a paralytic by the accident. The pain is intolerable for Maggie, she ask for ending her life. She does the most valuable thing in her life that she is satisfied with the brilliant achievements in the twinkling of an eye. She enjoys the process of boxing that she has never ever been regret of being a boxer.

Lying on the bed is against to her believe – never have a original life. People in the world all are never and ever be the same because of difference dreams. They are finding the meaning of their lives. Maggie chooses to end of her life to wind up her finally dream. This story tell us, everyone has a right to pursue the dream. Just go for it, it might be failure but at least we try and our life will be unordinary. If we keep proceeding in the way of our dream, even though we fail we still get more than the other who live in an ordinary life.