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Deaf Event Paper

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Deaf Event Paper For my Deaf Event I decided to attend the Silent Dinner at Valley Ranch Barbeque this past Tuesday April 27th, 2010 with my fellow classmate a best friend, Amber Cullens. A few days leading up to the event I was completely nervous I didn’t know what to expect. With only being a beginning sign language one student I was afraid that I would freeze up or sign something that would be offensive or make me look stupid. When we got to Valley Ranch the dinner had already started so we got in line and ordered our food.

We then took our seats in the separate banquet type room they put us in for the silent dinner. Everything was so overwhelming at first, everyone was signing so fast we couldn’t keep pace and didn’t want to be rude by asking for help. Thankfully we weren’t alone there were fellow other Lone Star Students there along with High School students. Even Leyel Hudson attended the event which made things even more comfortable for us having a teacher we know around to assist us if needed any help.

I can’t believe I stressed so much beforehand about attending, the Houston Deaf Community was very welcoming and helpful when we would sign with them. They made sure to try and go slower for us and some even helped by writing things down on paper so we could keep up. My favorite thing about the event was not just meeting Deaf parents, but the children of Deaf Parents. I met a young 8 year old boy and his older sister who was 12.

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They have not only learned English but also Sign Language so they can communicate with their parents. They were truly a great inspiration to be around. Attending this Deaf Event has inspired me to attend more not just while I’m enrolled as a student at Lone Star but on my own time. Currently because of attending this event I’m making it my goal to bring Deaf Events to my job, McAlister’s Deli. Overall the experience was one I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Deaf Event Paper essay

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