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Behavioral A common type of job interview in the modern workplace is the behavioral interview or behavioral event interview, also called a competency-based interview. This type of interview is based on the notion that a job candidate's previous behaviors are the best indicators of future performance. In behavioral interviews, the interviewer asks candidates to recall specific instances where they were faced with a set of circumstances, and how they reacted. Typical behavioral interview questions: "Tell me about a project you worked on where the requirements changed midstream.

What did you do? " "Tell me about a time when you took the lead on a project. What did you do? " "Describe the worst project you worked on. " "Describe a time you had to work with someone you didn't like. " "Tell me about a time when you had to stick by a decision you had made, even though it made you very unpopular. " "Give us an example of something particularly innovative that you have done that made a difference in the workplace. "What happened the last time you were late with a project? " "Have you ever witnessed a person doing something that you felt was against company policy. What did you do and why? " A bad hiring decision nowadays can be immensely expensive for an organization – cost of the hire, training costs, severance pay, loss of productivity, impact on morale, cost of re-hiring, etc. (Gallup international places the cost of a bad hire as being 3. 2 times the individual's salary). *The AssessmentIndia* Core Competency!

Behavioural Event Interviews constitute a powerful tool for numerous organizational processes like recruitment, selection, performance management and even research. The interviews are backward looking and are based on the assumption that human behavior has patterns which repeat. Like the track record of a horse or sportsman, behavioral event interviews seek actual behaviors of a person and the underlying characteristics which power the behaviors like - attitudes, motives, intents, self image, world views or even drives.

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Based on the work of David McClelland, Flanagan and others, the Behavioral Event Interview presents a powerful tool for the professional. This interview tool looks at critical incidents in a person's life or career and the behavior patterns. Have a well defined competency model and competency framework in an organization and Behavioral Event Interviews can produce sharp competency profiles of people. Often key decisions like putting the right person in the right job are well facilitated by Behavioral Event Interviews.

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