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A Marketing Plan for a Softball Stadium Sponsorship Spots

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The current softball stadium accommodates roughly 100 fans with 8 foot tall fence surrounding the playing field. This field would be difficult to sell tickets for because of the lack of fencing around the entire facility. To market this field you could sell sponsorship spots along the fence but as for marketing the field itself, you would have to look at that a different way. To sell sponsorship spots on the fence you would have to prove to companies that having their name and logo on the fence would be worth the cost. The most helpful of data to prove to companies that people are showing up at games would be the SuperFan data.

The easiest way to market these spots are to call or go see companies and ask if they would like to be a sponsor. Now for the field itself. The field could be used for individual softball games, or for small 4-6 team tournaments. The way to best market these types of events would be to call summer ball coaches and organizations to get the word out of the field. But besides word of mouth you can also register the field as available for single-game rentals on specific websites designated for these types of things such as As for marketing tournaments, you would also register them on a website. But once the tournament is in action you can sell t-shirts and memorabilia that has Marian’s softball program on it.

There are many other possible ways to market the small facility that Marian has to offer but these are the simplest forms of marketing. A SWOT analysis will be made at the beginning of every softball season. We would look at strength and weaknesses within the staff. For example, do we have enough staff to work all operations wanting to be performed? Do we have an experienced staff that is capable of running the technology? We will also look at the things we do well and the things we could do better on in the ballpark. Making sure that the spectators have an enjoyable time watching softball at Marian University When we look at the opportunities section of the SWOT analysis, we will be looking at what we can do in the future.

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A big opportunity we have in the future is ticketing. Can we develop a big enough fan base down the road so that we can begin to ticket fans? Obviously, the answer will not come until later when we see the consistency of the crowds, but it is an idea to keep in mind for the future as this university grows.  The last part of the SWOT analysis is threats. As a manager we want the games to run smoothly, but there are threats to this goal Intoxicated fans can disrupt games, safety hazards with foul balls can danger the goal, and poor field conditions can cause injuries to players. These threats need to thought of before the season and a plan should be in place so we can eliminate them. In the case of obnoxious fan we can put a warning system in effect where each fan gets one warning and if they continue to be a problem they will be asked to leave the ballpark.

Other safety hazard threats should be inspected before the season and taken care of before a game is played. The SWOT analysis is important to improve your ballpark year after year. Many risk are present at any sporting event and the event we will be addressing here is a Marian University Softball Came First and foremost when building the softball complex much planning was thought out to prevent and avoid risk for both spectators and participants. The first risk management planning used was building a backstop and facing to create a safe barrier between players and fans. There are multiple risk that this backstop/ facing help to avoid, One preventative measure that a backstop/ facing avoids is a flying object either a ball or bat flying into the crowd and striking a spectators.

The other place we can see this facing/ fencing used in the same context is in front of the dugouts. The fencing here directly avoids the risk of a ball or bat striking players or coaches, Finally, another thing the backstop/ facing avoids or prevents risk is by keeping outside objects such as cans or bottles being thrown onto the field This is a low risk and unlikely of happening but having the fencing and backstop helps to detour fans or spectators from such behaviorr The next part of risk management used on the Marian Softball Diamond is the yellow tubing that is on the top of all the fencing, This yellow tubing helps to prevent any player or participant from getting caught on or cut by the fencing at the top.

By covering the top of the fence we are safeguarding everyone from that risks Another area where planning was carefully used is the warning tracks we see around the diamond. Behind home plate the small strip of dirt between the fence and grass acts as a warning area to players that the fence is very near to them. This risk management can be seen in all professional diamonds baseball and softball. It helps with the risk of players colliding with the fence at high rates of speed. By using a warning track the number of concussions can be greatly reduced giving the players literally a “heads up". Another area on the diamond that can help to reduce risk for players is the windscreen that is hung along the outfield fence.

The windscreen acts as a multi-use tool on the diamond. Its first use is a batters eye, this helps batters to see the ball off of a dark surface and not background colors that distract the players. The second action the windscreen acts to help with is collision risk in the outfield. The darker color of the screen helps the players avoid colliding with the fence by highlighting the fence that otherwise can sometimes be hard to see at full speed (running down a ball). By adding a windscreen we avoid collisions with chain link fencing which can cause multiple injuries, for example concussion, broken bones, violent skin abrasions, 81C The area of planning we can see around the diamond is the bullpen for warming up pitchers being outside the field of play. The visitor bullpen is on the field but with the space used to build the field the home bullpen was strategically placed outside the field of play.

This avoids the risk of players having to run into a mound or plate that could cause harm to players, Slipping or tripping on either plate or mound could lead a player colliding with the fence. Therefore placing the bullpen outside the fence avoids this risk allowing players the full range of play all the way to the fence. Outside of the fence we can see a few areas where risk management are used to reduce risk for spectators. The concrete outside the fence is notjust for looks but also for fans to have safe place to walk and View the game. Having just a dirt or gravel area behind the fence adds risk to fans such as rolling an ankle or falling on a rocky surface. The concrete is a hard surface but much safer for fans while viewing the game.

Another area that planning was used to avoid risk is the railing that leads up to the press box. The railing on the stairs is there for people using those stairs and without a railing many risk come into play such as a fan, worker, or child falling directly to the concrete causing serious injury. Many aspects go into the risk management planning when constructing and hosting events at the Marian University Softball Field, it is important to think of risk when building such facilities in order to host and allow participants and spectators to have the best possible experience, Pre-Game Management. There is multiple jobs that have to be done before and during the pre-game of a softball game. The first thing that someone has to deal with is the field. The field has to be ready and playable before the game starts. The field has to be raked and dragged and the grass has to be cut.

The grass should only have to be cut every couple of days but the field has to be dragged/raked every day to keep it nice and smooth. After the field is raked, the foul lines have to be drawn, along with the batter’s box and the bases, pitching rubber and home plate all have to be painted white. There has to be a plan if it rains or if the field is too dry If it rains, you have to be able to take the water off the field as best as you can to make the field playable. If the field is dry, watering the field would be the best option to soften up the dirt. There are some things that you do not have to do every day to get the field ready, these things are: edging the grass, rolling the infield and outfield to keep it smooth, and put clay in all the low spots of the field.

A staff member must also make sure the line up cards are ready from both coaches and get them to the press box Electronically you have to make sure everything is up and running and works correctly. These include the scoreboard, the music, the commentary connection, mics, speakers, and cameras. During a softball game you must find workers to run the scoreboard, announce the game, take stats, play music, take photos, take live camera feed, commentate the game on radio and online, and update live scores. First, someone must run the scoreboard. This person is in charge of updating the score, balls and strikes, inning, and player at-bat. This job is important because it keeps the fans updated on what is happening in the game.

The next job you must fill is the announcer. The announcer is in charge of welcoming all of the fans to the ballpark, reminding them of ballpark rules, announcing starting line-ups, announcing each player, announcing the result of each half-inning, and announcing all substitutions, Next, someone has to take stats and this person is the official when deciding between an error and a hit and recording all of the stats from that game. The person is in charge of music is responsible for playing warm-up music before the game, the national anthem right before the game, and music between half innings. The next role needing to be filled is the management of the live camera for the online video feed of the game. The person running the camera must follow the ball around the field when it is hit or thrown to show the action of the game to the people watching online. In conjunction with the live video feed someone must fill in with live commentary.

It helps to have two people commentating, of person is the play-by-play or what is happening on the field, so people listening on the radio or online are able to follow the action Another individual provides the color commentary and talks about different softball-related items during the dead time of the game. Finally, the last post that must be filled is updating live scores online. This person adjusts an online scoreboard, to help keep people updated while watching the scores from another area. For post-game management, it is the exact opposite as pre-game management. Post-game management is putting the field to rest and making sure it is in good shape for the following day.

The first thing that you have to do after a game is rake the whole field and make sure that it is smooth. If the field is not raked after the game the holes and bumps on the field will become hard dirt which will make it harder to rake out and the field will not play as well for the fielders, When you are raking around the home plate area and pitching mound it would be best to put clay in the areas that are low so everything will be even. It would be smart to tarp the mound and home plate after the games as well. In case of rain, tarping the whole field would help because it would keep all of the water off the field, making it easier to make it playable the following day or when it stops raining.

Also having some surface and diamond-dry available would be a good back up plan if the field would have gotten wet and would help it dry fasten The main idea with pre-game and post-game management is to be able to make sure the field is playable. The more playable and quality the field is, the smoother the game will go. Emergency Safety Plan If inclement weather would ever approach the Indianapolis area Marian University trainers and staff will be in communication and watching the radar to plan the next plan of action If a thunderstorm is approaching Indianapolis spectators will be asked to return to their vehicles if there is a chance that the game might resume.

This announcement will be made from the intercom so that all spectators know what is going on If the radar shows no sign of the storm ending soon, the game will be cancelled and spectators will be told to return to their vehicles and exit the university. A date and time will be made shortly for rescheduling information. Players of the opposing team, during a thunderstorm, will be escorted to the PE center until further information is available. Marian University players will return to the clubhouse. If a tornado is a threat in the Indianapolis area then all players and spectators will be escorted to the PE center basement until the storm cell carrying that tornado has passed After the storm has passed a decision will be made if the game should resume or if the game will be rescheduled for a later date.

In a rare case of a terrorist threat or threat of a gunman, all spectators will be asked to evacuate the campus immediately. In a terrorist attack case, all players will be asked to evacuate campus and go to the nearest safe area. In the case of a gunman, the opposing team will evacuate campus immediately and return back to their school and Marian University student will be commanded to return to their dorms and lock the door until further notice. With terrorist or gunman threats, the event will automatically be canceled. In case of an emergency involving a spectator or player a trainer will be in attendance at every event to provide first aid services and MU police department will be contacted immediately so that they can be in direct contact with the ambulance.

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