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Essay on Sports Sponsorship

The main reason for companies to invest into professional sports is because many minds of sports have a certain desirable image or the athlete / player is an idol for the people.The identification with the athletes / players is strong, they are role models for the spectators and younger generations.The Investors hope that when people see the athlete they also think of the product features and vice versa.

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Later If the target group goes into a shop, they see the product and remember the connection. Maybe they even buy the product.

It is very important that the image of the product and the image of the athlete correspond to each other. Therefore, it is impossible in Germany that a football player would promote red lipstick. If a company needs a new or better image for itself or for a product, they often sponsor a sports club or an athlete. The German company Siemens sponsors Real Madrid because Real Madras’s team Is supposed to be modern and excellent at what they do, an Image that Siemens wishes to imply for their own company.

Another reason for sports sponsorship can be the introduction of a new and still unknown product or that the company itself is still new and unknown. Therefore, the company tries to gain attention by advertising with sport events or athletes. In the sass Commodore was a pompons for the 1 . FCC Brayer Munched, because nobody knew Commodore and they gained public attention with their commitment.. But some sponsors work with little clubs to be closer to their customers. For example insurance companies are interested in the direct contact with the people.

They want to sell their products. It is not important for small and regional companies to sponsor a big club. They need a little club in their area / district for success. Every company needs their own sponsor concept for success and content clients. What can be done for a sponsor at a Volleyball event.. Where and how can a sponsor show his logo or product? You have some areas for the sponsors banner, flags, flying banner etc. : o I v areas (ten Title, Press room, sponsor wall) o spectator areas (Like entry, the hall …. O Press areas (like the press room, the press conference…. ) o VII area (for the sponsors, important people ….. ) – It is possible to give “give sways”, papers and programs for the spectators or VISP with the sponsor logo or information. – Sometimes the sponsor have an area for information or a booth.

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