Cats and Dogs: A Human’s Best Friend

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Cats and Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, only to become a human's best friend. Cats and Dogs are extremely loyal to their owners and provide a tremendous amount of love and affection for those that they live with. Having cats and or dogs as pets is an essential part to providing some form of happiness to pet owners and their families. Since having a cat or a dog as a pet is a common household thing, they both act the same way, but have a few differences between them as well. They are lovable creatures that constantly crave human affection.

The Cat, deriving from the feline family, has brought joy to many pet owners and families for centuries. Cats are graceful creatures with long hind legs, thick paws, sharp claws, keen eyes, and supersonic ears. Cats enjoy being pet and played with by their owners. They are quite playful to have as a household pets, just give them a toy mouse or some string and they'll be on their merry way.

Cats enjoy watching birds whether it be through a glass window, or face to face. The cat spends most of its time sleeping when it's not out roaming around or playing with its owner. It is through the simplest of actions such as scratching a post, or even grooming itself that cats will put a smile on a face because they're so darn cute.

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The animal belonging to the canine family that has provided happiness to families for years, is the Dog. Dogs are beautiful mammals that have strong hind legs, a luscious fur coat, a sensitive nose, and sharp ears used to catch sounds. Just like cats, dogs also enjoy being pet and played with by their owners, but they love a good belly rub as well. Dogs love being scratched just right behind their ears and along their back.

Dogs are extremely friendly and obedient when it comes to their owners. Dogs love when their owners play catch with them whether it be with a tennis ball or an average stick. Dogs enjoy being taken for walks to view their scenery and get some exercise, they absolutely don't like being cramped up in the house all day. Since dogs are so playful and full of energy, they'll be sure to brighten up anyone's day.

Cats and dogs are very similar in character and both act in like manners. Cats and dogs are both mammals with four legs, usually have lots of fur, a tail, and very sensitive ears. When they're not being played with by their owners, they usually spend a lot of time sleeping whether it be on the couch, or in their bed. Cats and dogs love to be fed treats and rewarded for good behavior such as using the bathroom or following a simple command. If one show love and affection to both cats and dogs, it is guaranteed that they will show it right back. Both cats and dogs are good at scavenging and hunting to find food. Through these many similar characteristics that cats and dogs display, they are found even more adorable and bring the utmost happiness to their owners.

Although cats and dogs have many comparable characteristics, they have many attributes that set them apart as well. Cats are typically much smaller than dogs, and therefore feel threatened by them, which is why they usually don't get along. Cats are nocturnal and typically go out during the night time, while a dog is usually sleeping.

Another significant difference between cats and dogs is that dogs require a lot of attention from their owners, while loner cats are completely fine being left alone. "The independence of cats is one of the features most admired by those… that love them." (Gray). A cat's claws are much sharper than a dog's claws and can scratch someone much worse than a dog can. Although cats and dogs have many differences, they are both majestic animals that provide comfort to their owners and their families.

Since cats and dogs often bring happiness to their owners, they are often treated with a variety of supplies and accessories from the local pet store in return for bringing such joy. Many cats and dogs are taken to pet stores as a token of reward and are bought food or toys. Cats and dogs don't care about the things that humans do such as clothes or money, they care about being rewarded, and the best way to do that is by praising them with a treat. Cats and dogs both enjoy eating treats and the experience from owner to cat or dog provides a, "human-animal bond" (White). like none other. When there's a wag of a tail, or a purr, that's how to tell if success has been achieved between owner and pet.

Pet owners and their families are provided some form of happiness, or joy, through simply owning a cat or a dog as a pet. It is through the similarities and differences in cats and dogs that a person can determine which animal they'd like to have as their own pet. At the end of the day, it's important to remember to love and be kind to animals, so that their love will be reciprocated back.

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