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Dogs Are Better House Pets Than Cats

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Dogs are better pets than cats Yukako Taketani English 122 Instructor Chang March 17, 2013 Dogs are better house pets than cats In the world, there are only three types of people: dog lovers, cat lovers, and please-no-dogs-or-cats-around-me people. Between the dog and cat lovers, there is always a big debate on the subject which animal is more suited as house pets and has better companionship with humans. According to the article, “U. S Pet Ownership Statistics, there are 78. 2 million owned dogs in the United States, while approximately 86. 4 million owned cats (The Humane Society of the united states, 2011).

From these facts, the society might be already on the cat side. A lot of people may complain that cats are better house pets than dogs because they are easy to take care of. However, in my opinion, a dog’s lifestyle and personality is better fitted for us to live with, and they are great companions. Dogs as security guards First of all, dogs can work as security guards. It is known as one of the earliest duties of domestic dogs. They protect the property of its owners, whether that property is land, livestock or his owner’s home (The Canine Information Library, 2011).

When there is a sign of a dog picture and a word of “watch out” hanging on the neighbors fence, who does not take extra cautions when he or she walks cross the house? If I were a robber, I will not choose a household with a dog, since there is a high probability that the dog will bark every time I walk by. I own a Chihuahua mix dog, who only weights 10 pounds. She never attack or bite people or other dogs outside home. In fact, she is the kind of the dogs who always wags her tail to everybody, and shows her stomach, which is considered one of the submissive behaviors in canines.

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Dogs Are Better House Pets Than Cats

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I am not expecting her to fend off or fight, if someone breaks into my house. However, she is a barker whenever she hears a faint sound around my house. On the other hand, cats can only meow, which is a lot quieter and less intimidating than dogs bark. Moreover, they are indifferent to new people and often hide under the bed or table. There are many stories out there that dogs fended off, or protected their owners from robbers. However, I have never heard that cats scared away from someone tried to get in the house. From these facts, dogs are much better house pets compared to cats as security guards. For an active lifestyle

In addition, dogs promote an active lifestyle to their owners. While cats stay home and do their own things, dogs love to go outside. Dogs need exercise, but so do people. In these days, a lot of people are thought to be lack of exercise, and it is unhealthy both physically and mentally. However, having a dog as a pet will cancel out this problem. Jenna Stregowski, a registered veterinary technician, examines that dogs enjoy going on a walk, and we can make them a part of our own exercise routines (Stregowski, 2013). I agree with her. Some people, including me, cannot work out continuously because our laziness defeats us.

For those people, having a dog will improve their lives, and the pets and the owners can be both happy. Some people are known to walk their cat on harness yet, cats do not enjoy the experience. Most of the times, it ends up with an undesirable result. Fetching balls and swimming are dogs’ favorite exercise. They also can go in cars, hiking, and camping. Even in unfamiliar places, dogs still can adapt themselves into new environments well. Conversely, cats require some time in order to accept and adjust to new things. As a veterinary technology student, I can give my own experience as an example that dogs are more adaptable animals than cats.

When they are brought to a veterinary hospital, most of the dogs are still wagging their tail and happy. However, the cats are fear to death because of the unfamiliar environment and people, and they sit in a circle and in the very back in the carrier as much as possible. Of course, I have seen some friendly cats at the veterinary hospital yet, most of the cats do not well in new places like dogs can. Having a cat will not improve your life, but dogs can. More Trainable Another argument is that dogs are more trainable in our lives. There are many dogs that can do incredible tricks, and listen to their owners’ commons.

People debate that some cats can be also trainable and do shake hands. They may also question why cats or dogs need to do tricks, such as shaking hands or rolling over, which are not useful for both humans and pets. However, since two completely different living beings spend time under the same roof, more trainable and obedient dogs are, of course, better for humans. One of the cat’s feature behavior is climbing. In the article, Pam Bennett, cat behavior expert, states that the more vertical areas available to your cat, the more it increases her territory (Bennett, 2013).

They climb on the table, kitchen, computer, or basically anywhere they can, and it is not acceptable. Especially, when the kitchen is full of food and the stove and knives used, it is not only about sanitation, but also danger for both owners and the cat. Training cats on not climbing is difficult because it is their instincts. There are many undesirable cat behaviors that cats have but dogs do not, such as scratching furniture or carpets and playing in closets, where you keep expensive clothes. In spite of these, you do not need to concern about these problems with dogs.

I am not saying that dogs are not naughty. They can also climb on the table, and chew your clothes. However, you can easily discipline them, because they have the pack behavior and social hierarchy system that you can take advantage of by playing yourself at the top (All Dogs GYM & INN, 2011). By shaking it by the scruff of the neck as a punishment, you can correct undesirable behavior and also teach your dog that you are dominant. With a cat, this way of punishing is not useful, or just makes her fear to you. They are more difficult than dogs. Conclusion Dogs are easier to live with.

Whether small breeds or large breeds, they can alert and protect their owners’ houses and owners from strangers. Because dogs like outside activities and can easily adjust themselves in a new environment, People can take them anywhere and have a good work out together. Dogs have an undesirable behavior as well as cats yet, they are easy to discipline. Thinking about these facts, dogs are better pets than cats for us. Work Cited All Dogs GYM & INN (2011). Dogs’ social hierarchy & pack behavior. Retrieved on March 17, 2013 from http://www. alldogsgym. com/content/view/106/138/ Bennet, P (2013). Why your cat need to climb.

Retrieved on March 17, 2013 from http://www. catbehaviorassociates. com/why-your-cat-needs-to-climb/ Stregowski, J (2013). 10 reasons dogs are better than cats. Retrieved on March 19, 2013 from http://dogs. about. com/od/funphotos/ss/Ten-Reasons-Dogs-Are-Better-Than-Cats_10. htm The Canine Information Library (2011). Guard dogs. Retrieved on March 17, 2013 from http://guarddogs. bulldoginformation. com/ The Humane Society of the United States (2011). U. S. pet ownership statistics. Retrieved on March 17, 2013 from http://www. humanesociety. org/issues/pet_overpopulation/facts/pet_ownership_statistics. html

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