A Glimpse at Bernard Maybeck Architectural Works

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Just imagine looking at a full scale drawing? Well that was just one of Maybeck’s ways of studying his design. His works are blend of possibility and actuality and the reason why the blending of unrelated styles became a success in his works (Matthews, 2008). His love on experimenting designs is very much seen in his Buena Vista Way studio because it looks like a laboratory and at the same time a house.

This visionary Architect and described as the Gothic man of the 20th Century believes that every architectural problem requires an original solution. He addresses the housing crisis during the World War 1 by making generic floor plans called small houses or the workers houses. Most of his house design works infused the garden with the house structure. He never uses one type of specifications for the finishes but leave it to his Clients to make the decision.

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However, most of his works are made up of wood and timber (see photo of a community hall on page 3) for which reason why some of his drawings did not came into reality because of the scarcity of lumber and failure on the part of the timber supplier. Design Studio Small House The gauge of success for a famous work is its revival when Bill Buchanan an architect whom he mentored enlivens his heritage in Oregon by adopting Maybeck standards for the design of 1000 dwellings on a steep hill on a 630 Acre land parcel near Harbor Hill.

Bill Buchanan believes that his mentor ideas are still in proportion of meeting the requirements for affordable housing. Maybeck’s flexibility 80 years ago can now be answered by the existing technology when at the time of his mentor’s life is quite difficult to undertake for example, the inclusion of garden on rooftops which makes a plant difficult to tend and the bedroom oriented towards the sky when ninety years ago is inconvenient due to the lack of technology with regards to thermal protection for buildings.

Keith Pepper Brooklyn city council member also believes in the potential of the revival of the famous Californian Architect by persuading that good designs are an economic potential (Week, 2000). Recently the Oregon’s Department of Transportation rerouted part of Highway 101 which will allow part of downtown to return to Maybeck’s original plan and provision of funding for the reconstruction of the design.

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