A Critique of Donald Trumps Decision to Ban Muslim Entry to America

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021
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Donald Trump Calls for Ban on Muslim Entry Into U.S.

According to this article, at a political meeting held last week, Donald Trump (current presidential candidate) declared he wanted a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering into the United States. This proposal will help eliminate the ongoing anxiety Americans have been having towards recent terrorist attacks. Although this proposal may eliminate some anxiety, it goes against ones religious freedom that is granted within the Constitution.

Trump goes on to claim that Muslims show a lot of hatred towards the United States and this is beyond comprehension. He claimed that until we can determine where this hatred stems from, we cannot sit back and do nothing. The dangers that could happen to the United States cannot be ignored.

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Honestly, several accusations were made within this context. Muslims do not hate the United States or even Americans. The actions of a few cannot explain the behavior of an entire group. Islam means peace and that is what the true religion practices. Unfortunately terrorist groups are formed and they distort the real messages of Allah. I find it completely unacceptable that someone who wishes to run the country is completely oblivious to the truth. In every location throughout the world you will have the good people and the bad people. It seems however, bad representations of “Muslims”, are the only ones publicized.

These terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda , are not true Muslims contrary to belief. They are nothing more than terrorists. They claim to want to restore our country back to a peaceful state, but once in power, they deceive even us. Muslims are actually against killing, this is why when someone murders another in my country, and they are beheaded.

Trump also proclaimed that this ban would continue until a decision is made by government officials. These attacks are becoming very brutal, with the shootings that occurred a week ago in California. Fourteen people were found dead in this incident. I do agree that these problems deserve attention and caution, however, I don’t feel that banning all Muslims is going to solve these problems. As several critics claim, these ideas are in conflict with constitutional rights.

Within his speech he brought up several points about 9/11. Repeatedly, Trump bashed all Muslim people. It shocks me that anyone could actually be in agreeance with this man. He is very open with his racist ideas, and only those who are racist as well could possible believe the crap he says. I feel that a president should accept everyone and treat each and every single person equally.

Although Islam is a religion of peace, not many westerners can look past these terrorist groups. I feel as if the Middle East and the United States will most likely never resolve their issues. After countless wars and controversy, this task becomes difficult. I do not feel that handling this situation in the way that Trump plans to will be effective at all. If we want to obtain peace we must come to some sort of compromise. Banning certain religions and races from living somewhere is cruel. We all originate from somewhere else and must learn to integrate together as a whole. We are all human beings and deserve respect.

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