The Challenges between a Muslim and non-Muslim after 9/11

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There is tremendous tumult of voices after the news was aired. The media was centered on the busiest city of the world - New York. Even today many have not failed to raise a pen, even poets, artists, students and professionals, the unlearned and learned all are in awe. The sad destiny of those who perished at the Ground Zero can not be erased in memory and much more to those who were left behind. These are the Muslims and non-Muslims who still survived but are now living in the ashes of indifference, of terror and pain. Many are written about the issue but the three articles of Aidi, Marty and Asani is worthy to be discerned.

The first article challenges plurality and the other speaks about fundamentalism and the last one equates Pan-Africanism to Islam. All of which are beliefs not only in terms of religion but a very specific knowledge by which man go through life which transcends his earthly existence. More than seven years ago, The Ground Zero boasted for its twin towers, each earthly dominion rested on their laurels, there could be havoc around on some parts of the world but a non-Muslim and a Muslim could occupy the same space without qualms or pretence.

After the 9/11 when thousands of American citizens were slain, killings had also begun to the so called perpetuators akin. Vehemently, even if sin is personal the debt would be somehow carried on to the next generations. Man by destiny always inherits the sin of his first parents, as any good works are wagged which serves as inspirations for the younger ones? The challenges that Muslim and non-Muslim faces today is on how each one of them foster universality among their many diverse beliefs and how to remove the fears that those beliefs brought about which was clouded by the strand of hatred and ignorance.

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Today, co-existence between a Muslim and non-Muslim presupposed a barrier an unequal yoke so may say. The catastrophe left a mark of indifference that is antagonistic to both and it is no longer the hues we talked about but the creed of one nation between another. Succinctly, Muslims are even called the new niggers of today’s world of discrimination (Aidi, 2002). Moreover, it is not easy to justify pain because in the last analysis it is an evil that must be eradicated by all costs.

It is only divine wisdom that can only justify pain and somehow alien to an understanding of a regular man. To the Muslims, a life well lived will serve as an example that his belief is not erroneous and he in his own belief wishes to co-exist with others. His belief in the Quran in the days that will come will be a challenge of its authenticity that the “noblest among you is the most god-fearing of you. (Quran 49:13). ” Essentially when we say god-fearing man is the respecter of truth.

Muslims, young and old is challenge by the world to live by its faith, and if god-fearing why the erroneous doctrine of that lone killer pilot blown in a blaze those two Manhattan skyscrapers? When in Quran 111 God is a respecter of freedom. God created man differently so that they may know and understand each other (Asani, 2003). The Muslims who have submitted to the truth has a great relevance to show the world the real essence and truth of their beliefs. They are the ones who should stand up and defend their faith on those who uses religiosity for personal gains and politics.

Non-Muslims on the other hand, must seek the truth in defiance of prejudices and other extremes, with his Muslim brothers he must defend peace and pluralism that the country had earnestly guarded throughout the centuries. The Americas should test where he’s ground stand, if it is solid and firm and if its faith still rest in God. Non-Muslims, Christians and non-Christians and even due to ignorance are disbeliever of God, in the virtue of wanting to exist he must also be respectable to the life of others behaving in a fashion that still welcoming even in the face of odds.

Martin Marty elaborated in his work “the Future of World Fundamentalisms” that we must make eschatological verifications or reaffirm if a movement does not lead to a polity that runs on compromises or any revivalism or reactivation of a militant Islamic tradition (Marty, 1998). Reactive agents according to Marty are inconspicuous, adaptive and improvisatory but are directly assertive. It is good to know what is under those rubrics of belief, whether that so called useful knowledge does not disdain its members of uncongenial acts worthy of suspicion.

It is always good to know the wolf inside the sheep skin because a terrorized world can not afford to make the same mistakes again. Muslims and non-Muslim have one in common and that is to decipher the truth not only in terms of their religiosity and beliefs but on how each and every one lives a life of normal existence. The greatest challenge for the Muslim and non-Muslims in the post 9/11 is to unite in bringing this world to peace so the lives lost in the catastrophes are not wasted. Both must survive the struggle to be whole again in the fight of terrorism.

Each one in whatever state in life must still nurture the gift of patience and kindness despite of confusion that is going on in this world. Man’s religion may have existed since civilization began and the only real truth about it was that the difference between a supernatural and human beliefs. Human beliefs tend to materialism and are bounded by space and corners while supernatural beliefs, leads to freedom and love. In fact, love is the only thing that stands still when all else has fallen.

And only a true religion bears this sign. Charity removes obstacles, it builds bridges and any learning that is void of this elementary truth is a deceit. This is a great challenge not only to Muslims or non-Muslims to non-believers or future converts but to the whole world at large. Love makes a great difference to what is it that differentiates a human from a beast form and a goodish from a noble being. For a Muslim and a non-Muslim, there is no reason to fear because in their hearts the truth is already been written.

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