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This paper is about Wendy’s and Mc Donald’s, two fast-food chains in America that are now world renowned names too in this sector. This paper discusses their marketing strategies, positioning and competitiveness.

Demographic and Socio-Cultural Trends and Changes

Today, we see a growing demand for such type of food and an increase in competition also as new and new places/names open up to cater to yet again the fast food consumer market. Over the years, McDonalds has changed its marketing strategies to suit each location it’s been catering to. One basic thing always being part of Mc Donald’s has been that of marketing not its products rather the “McDonalds experience. This has obviously, been in accordance with the type of culture and values Mc Donald shares with its customers. (McDonald’s Website, 2006)

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Wendy’s on the other hand has started in 1969 has continuously added new items to its list of products. (Wendy’s Website, 2008) Wendy’s always has focused on quality as the logo promotes “quality is our recipe”. Wendy’s however didn’t venture out much, but it has set a firm ground in the fast food industry.

Socio-cultural factors for both are hence also very important because it’s important to adapt to the culture and norms of the place you are operating in. for the fast food industry, this includes things like eating pork, hamburgers, where they are eaten and where pork is considered “haram”. Hence, for such countries like Pakistan, McDonalds has changed its menu and included beef as a replacement to pork.


Its new strategy is about not letting its customers go elsewhere. This it does by focusing even more closely on each market segment. This it does specifically through television through motion advertising and also through print ads like newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards etc. (Gregg Cebrzynski, 2005)

Wendy’s also has announced of marketing through a character by the name of Smart Square to make further use of television advertising. McDonalds on the other hand is also making use of this form of advertising through a new concept called product placement and not just through TV commercials. Commercials, it says are not cost-effective and not efficient otherwise also as the audience takes them as time consuming, and hence they don’t pay much attention to them. (Jake Swearingen, 2008).


As far as positioning of both is concerned, Wendy’s stands in the fifth place in America. However, McDonalds stands at number one. This might just be due to the basic factors like taste and promotion tactics also affordability. People have rated McDonalds much higher than Wendy’s. McDonalds positioning hence we can say is way better than that of Wendy’s. (Tigerx’ Website, 2001)

However Wendy international is now beginning to explore places outside America also. This it’s doing by broadcasting an advertising campaign focusing on serving fresh food and the tagline “do what tastes right”. This might impact its sales and eventually make its position go up worldwide. (Gregg Cebrzynski, 2005)

Strategy for my Company

Keeping all that we discussed in perspective, it is evident that these two are thriving business in America. However, McDonalds definitely taking the largest share in the entire market. They both cater to different market segments. I would for my company makes sure that I focus on the adult as well as the kids segment so that I get a wider share eventually if my campaign and promotions go well.  It has been found that customers are attracted to new menus and outlets that care about your health. Hence my campaign would definitely be in touch with the consumer’s health and lifestyle by opting for and promoting food that’s not harmful to the body.

Convenience is another reason why people go to fast-food outlets; hence I wouldn’t exactly make my chain more available in terms of better offered prices and accessibility by being at almost every nook and corner. (QSRweb, 2008)

All in all my entire marketing strategy will be about social responsibility and “a better environment” so that the environment deserves equally good as the people who are consuming fast food.

Corporate Citizenship

We hear news all over claiming how garbage especially in the form of packaging material and paper is harmful to the environment. Hence, my company would make sure that along with advertising and delivering the right taste and maintaining quality, the issue of environment care is handled well because this is something that these two companies have not exactly done too well.

It was in the news that the biggest consumers of paper are fast food giants like McDonalds, pizza hut and Wendy’s who litter millions of pounds of litter that eventually litters our road fills and clog our landfills. This will help my company be more intelligent towards the environment by being corporate and socially responsible. And hence, help make it a corporate citizen. (Mongabay Web Site, 2008)

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