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A computer a course or a blessing

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Examination Malpractice is the process of student cheating during exams. Like in impersonation. That is copying from other students that maybe sitting next to him/ her, coming into the exam hall with textbooks/notebooks in order to copy answers from them or students bringing in phones in order to check Google or they may have camera some words either from notebook or textbook. Laziness, many students nowadays find it very difficult to sit down and read for about 30 minutes or at least 1 hour but they choose to waste their time on nothing.

Government has tried all the could in order to stop those students from cheating but many many students has prove that they are expert in this act thereby making the government look like fools in their very eyes. Examination bodies are invigilators that are been sent to schools to go and examine students during exams. It dose not necessarily mean WAGE, NECK, JAMB But it could be a normal school exam like 1st term, 2nd term or promotional exams which is 3rd term.

What this examiners do are searching students before they enter the exam hall, check their seats one after the other. When I say searching seats, it means checking their seats, bodies like pockets, undermine in the case of girls, socks and sandal. School authorities/Administrators also try their best because they join there head together In order to find a lasting solution but It seems It's not working at all, All the same these three bodies are doing well. Sometimes, It may seem as if these three bodies are not doing anything But are doing their best.

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The truth of the matter Is that there some bad eggs that are also In this bodies, during exams Instead of Invigilating, they will be busy telling answers to some students to some, particular questions thereby making this set of students lazy and believing that whether they read or not they will still get answers which Is not good. Only solution to this evil act Is that students should cultivate the habit of reading. If I am asked to give my final opinion to curb this evil acts, I will say that those caught In this act should be put In Jail at lest 7 (seven years.

Either the coacher or student caught so that It will serve as lessons to others who are also planning to engage In this evil acts. Students read your books to avoid being tempted and landing yourself Into trouble.

A computer a course or a blessing essay

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