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A Birthday Surprise

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It was 19th May of 2006 and it was my father’s birthday. He is the kind of person who prefers simple dinners with his own family instead of noisy celebration with relatives and friends. But that day was special cuz he had his 40th birthday. It was Saturday and after we wished him happy birthday, he went to work. Well my father thought that we were just going to have a dinner as always. But this is what he knew while my mom and I had organized a birthday surprise. She had invited all his close friends and family for a cocktail party in the evening.

Everything was ready. Even why I passed all the day shopping I couldn’t wait till my dad came home. Anyway he arrived sooner than I thought and later I began to get dressed. I was totally excited. My mom had the most difficult ‘job’ if I can say so. She had to convinced him to wear a suit and she made it up. Another anusual thing happened. I wrote unusual because my mom asked him to drive. She never did this maybe she has her own car that’s why. I think that my dad understood that he had missed something.

So began to ask where are we going and why am I wearing a suit. I told him we changed the reservation but it was irritated hearing him asking the same question over and over again. But finally we arrived and everyone was waiting for him. When my father entered in all began to sing the happy birthday song. I remember everyone had a great time and I won’t forget my father;s happy face telling me I knew something was going on. Time by time I have a look to those photos we had. It really was a special day.

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A Birthday Surprise

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