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My Father Birthday

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My father birthday It’s my habit to revise my homework every morning. This was became my grandmother used to wake me up since I was in primary school. This had helped me a lot in improving my school result and I wanted to keep it up and score good result in my spm Yesterday I also woke up early but not to revise my homework because the day was my father birthday. We all son decided to open a party for my father, but we did not know how to prepare a surprise party as I had no experience in buying things in market and cook my father favourite food.

So we decided to ask my neighbour Jun Hen brother for helping. He is a kind heart person as he always help me when I need his for helping. When he knew I needed his helped to prepare party, he didn’t refuse and agree to help immediately. I was very happy because he also helped me to cook the dishes. We didn’t spend much time in the market because we needed a lot of time to prepare after my father came back from work. We cooked a lot of dishes such as sweet sour fish, fried chicken, curry, dessert and of cause a delicious cake.

After cooking we also decorated my home, my whole family members helped me to hang balloons and ribbons Approximately 5pm we finish preparing and waiting my father back home.. My father would reach home at 6 pm sharp. before 6 pm we all hid behind the door to give him a big surprise as he didn’t know we were celebrating for his this special day. He was terrified when he entered the house, he could not believe that we still remembered his birthday and what he liked to eat. After enjoying the meal we had a karaoke session.

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We sang a lot of English song and my sister took a lot of photographs with my father. After that we played some games, my parents also joined in. I felt happy as I had never seen this such a long time. We whole family members also sang the birthday song for my father and gave him a big present that was a “kiss”, my father was touched then he cried. He felt happy. This was lovely day, my father was very happy as he didn’t expect this would happen, he felt that we have grown up and hopelly we can always celebrate this kind of occasions

My Father Birthday essay

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