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Birthday Bash and Crash

Birthday Bash and Crash Nathan Blanchard Honors Language-2 August 9, 2013 On June 22, 2013, I woke up as if it were any other day, but it was not any other day, It was my birthday. I got up and took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair and dressed in a nice, but casual outfit. A pair of blue, white, and red plaid shorts with a solid red polo shirt and white under shirt was my outfit of choice.

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I was excited for my party even though I knew what I was getting as a gift. All I had asked for was an Oxbow 360. I knew my mother and the rest of my family had done everything they could to make sure I got it.

I was so happy for a lot of things though. I was getting an Oxbow, my older brother, Each was coming, and It was a cook out. Even though the party was small, it was the best party ever. My whole family would be coming to the party my mom had planned. Everyone began to arrive around 2:00 In the afternoon. My mom was busy cooking in the kitchen and a family friend, Mr.. Rick was cooking hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. My granny, Winston and Gail, Brian, Each, and Gracie all came over. Once the food was all cooked and ready, we all ate.

We had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato lad, Cole slaw, devil eggs, baked bears, macaroni and cheese, and potato chips. Of course there was a big cake with “Happy Birthday Nathan” in red letters for dessert. After eating lunch, it was time for presents. Got the best things ever. Everything I needed and wanted were nicely wrapped or boxed. My gifts included a metallic black Oxbow 360, five games, Including Mineshaft and Call of Duty. 1600 Microsoft points, a set of black and green Turtle Beach headphones, and an extra controller which was purple. I know these were very expensive gifts and I am very grateful to my family.

I know that they love me a lot and the really care about my wants and needs. After opening my gifts, my brother, Each and I decided to throw the football. Before we went outside, he tossed the football in the alarm and I hit it. The ball crashed onto the table. I didn’t break anything, but my mom told us we had to go outside. When we got outside, my sister, Michael and her friends, Brian and Gracie came out also. We all threw the ball back and forth until my brother and I started to tackle. That was too much for the girls so, they played kickball. My brother kept taking the soccer ball from them.

Next thing I heard was him yell, “He shot, he scored. ” I looked to see what happened. Each had Just kicked the ball In the back of his truck. After we played in the yard for a while, we all went back inside for cake. The cake was served after the family and friends sang, “Happy Birthday. ” The cake was great. It was vanilla cake with white sweet Icing. I had ice cream with mine. Once we all finished our cake, it was getting late and everyone needed to go home. The party ended and cannot wait until next year’s. Just to let you know, I play my all of the time.