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6 Deals to Simplify Your Work Week

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The team at AskMen knows a thing or two about finding a deal -- and how to look good while doing it. They’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to get through your work week in style -- and ease -- without breaking the bank.

From custom-made suits to , these deals will take you from the subway to the office and beyond.


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6 Deals to Simplify Your Work Week

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. We’ve managed to escape the dressing room for good, thanks to the rise of  such as Trendy Butler. All you have to do is create a style profile online, then sit back and relax while your very own stylist hand picks clothes that suit your needs and ships them straight to your door.

2. Kenneth Cole Suits & Separates
Dressing for success is key in business -- but that doesn’t mean you have to drop a week’s pay on a bespoke suit. Kenneth Cole offers sleek, fitted suits and dress pant separates -- making it easy for you to mix and match your sizes and styles. Grab one while they’re up to 60 percent off!

3. JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker
Whether your office subscribes to Friday afternoon drinks, or you prefer to save the fun for post-work happy hour, the JBL Flip makes it easy to get the weekend started on a high note -- at a cool 22 percent off. The wireless Bluetooth streaming allows for up to three smartphones or tablets to connect, so everyone can have a turn playing office DJ.

4. Select Amazon Luggage
Packing for a business trip is a lot easier with the right equipment. Not only does the right size roller allow for easy suit storage, that duffel bag you’ve held onto since college no longer passes as appropriate airport attire. From hard-shelled rollers to foldable garment bags, you might want to stock up now while they’re up to 30 percent off on Amazon.

5. Portable Phone Charger
Don’t get caught without access to those e-mails! In the modern work week, there’s nothing worse than watching helplessly as your smartphone runs out of juice. If you don’t have a already, we strongly recommend investing in one. Compact and powerful, the portable phone charger by Impower is easy to slip in your briefcase. If you keep a tablet or separate phone for personal use with you, consider investing in two -- at 63 percent off, it’s a small price to pay to be constantly connected.

6. Made-To-Measure Indochino Suits
are no longer out of reach, thanks to Indochino. You can get a custom, made-to-measure suit for less than $400. Simply take your measurements and send them to Indochino. Once you get your suit, if you find the sizing to be slightly off, Indochino will pay for any alterations you may need -- at any tailor.

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