Social Life Tips for International Students

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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One of the biggest challenges faced by international students and ESL Students, is the obstacle of creating a social life in an unfamiliar place. For many international students, who have travelled from various countries to come to university to study, the thought of making friends can be daunting. However, reaching out and meeting new people is a key part of the university experience and needn’t be something that is feared!

Today we look at a few key social life tips you can use to make socialising a little less daunting.

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1) Always Say Thank You!

You’ll be amazed how far smiling and being positive will go. Show people you are helpful, kind and genuine. If someone does something for you, never forget to say thank you, verbally or with a simple note. Small gestures and manners like these go a long way.

2) Use Technology to Connect

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to connect with others and share your interests. Be sure to stay in touch with any friends you make, and be sure to join in lots of communities and groups to stay in the loop.

3) Get Involved!

Sports and hobby clubs are a great way to pursue your own interests with others who share them, allowing you to have fun and meet new people at the same time. Have you considered playing a sportYou can get a workout and form some lifelong bonds with others by seeking out sports teams to play on.

4) Always make time

We know it can be tempting to put off socialising, or going out – especially if you are feeling daunted as an ESL student. However, even when you’ve got a ton to do, making time for fun with friends (even if you just meet for dinner) should always be important. It’ll give your brain a rest and let you come back to your work happier and more refreshed.

5) Combine studying with fun

University work and having fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Study with friends and you’ll get to socialize while learning as well. University can be incredibly stressful so make sure to take a moment to step back now and again and take a breath. It can also be a great time to improve your confidence speaking and writing English.

6) Accept a variety of invitations

Take advantage of those moments when people offer you an invitation to do things with them. You could discover a new hobby, meet a great group of people or just have new experiences that open your eyes. It’s easy to get caught up with university, but a big part of the experience is meeting new people, forming friendships and networking with others. Don’t let that fall by the wayside in your academic pursuits.

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