World History Chapter

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You didn't have to depend on anything, for example if you were a farmer you had to depend on your crops for survival because if the plants died, you could starve to death- Didn't require much time like farming would- You could easily move around town or country. As for farming you would have to stay in your farm because all of your crop were already planted and it would take much more time to replant. 0 Why was the Neolithic Revolution considered so highly significant? How did the Neolithic Revolution effect gender roles? The Neolithic Revolution was considered so highly significant because at this time people started farming since new technology was being invented, it made things easier.

Population grew immensely due to the change of life style from hunting and gathering to farming. The Neolithic Revolution effected gender roles because before anyone started farming the men was the one who would go out and hunt while the woman cooked and gathered the food. But once farming started both gender were able to do the same Job. Compare and contrast homo sapiens and homo erects in regards to surviving. Both Homo erects and Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to various parts of Europe and Asia. It made it easier to migrate around because of low sea levels associated with the Ice Age. Homo sapiens migrated from Africa during a wet period and crossed the land bridge to the Americas during the last glacial period.

These migrations were lead by minor physical evolutionary changes such as changes in skin pigmentation. However, humans adapted to their new environments not through biological evolution but through a process of technological adaptation. Compare the slave systems of Mesopotamia empires and Egypt. In Mesopotamia Empires many of role than they would in the later societies of Greece and Rome. They were identified by a distinctive hair style rather than chains or brands, they would have a barber shave off the telltale mark if they were lucky enough to regain their freedom. On the other hand, Slavery in Egypt existed on a limited scale and was of little economic significance.

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But humane treatment softened the burden of slavery, as did the possibility of being freed. Slavery was not very common or bad in Egypt as it was in he Mesopotamia empires List the indicators of a "civilization". 0(1) cities as administrative centers, 0(2) a political system based on defined territory rather than kinship, 0(3) many people engaged in specialized, non-food-producing activities, 0(4) status distinctions based largely on accumulation of wealth, 0(5) monumental building, 0(6) a system for keeping permanent records, 0(7) long-distance trade, and (8) sophisticated interest in science and art. 0 How did the religious beliefs in Mesopotamia and in Egypt reflect the relationships between the environment and the people?

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