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Throughout this course, you will use critical thinking to analyze the emergence of new Ideas In science and psychology. Follow these tips to sharpen your critical thinking skills: The Critical Thinking Community. Assignment In this assignment, you will focus on the debate between the personalities and naturalistic positions in scientific history, and how the concept of zeitgeist relates to each of these concepts.

You will apply these concepts to the philosophical viewpoints hat directly preceded the emergence of modern psychology. Prepare a paper in which you define the personalities and naturalistic positions in scientific history, and how the concept of zeitgeist relates to these positions. Then, choose one of the following philosophers to focus on Descartes, Comet, Berkeley, Home, Hartley, James Mill, or John Stuart Mill and explain why you think the emergence of his Ideas Is best described by the personality or naturalistic position.

To assist you further in putting this in perspective, consider the following quote from psychology historian Edwin Boring: “You get the personalities view when you ignore the antecedents of the great man, and you get the naturalistic view back again when you asked what made the great man great” (Boring, 1950, p. 339). Reference Boring, E. G. (1950). Great men and excellently progress. Proceedings of the American Philosophical society, 94, 339-351. Include in your submission a sample of the grid (see Heads up on the Signature

Assignment) or other note-taking tool that you plan to use as you analyze key ideas in the history of psychology throughout this course. Support your paper with at least one scholarly reference. Your first stop in looking for additional references should be the library guide developed for you for use In this course. Length: 5-7 pages, not Including title and reference pages. Presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current PAP standards.

Be sure to adhere to Northwestern University’s Academic Integrity Policy. Throughout this course, and other courses here at Northwestern University, you are required to follow PAP form and style when preparing assignments. If you are unfamiliar with PAP form and style, take this tutorial: The Basics of PAP Style. Are you already familiar with PAP form and style? Keep up with the 2010 changes by taking this tutorial: What’s New in the Sixth Edition. Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.

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