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A Recommendation to join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc

In the pursuant of the above subject, I am writing this recommendation letter for Trevor Garrett. Currently I am a member of the Omicron Eta Lambda Chapter in Washington DC, a fraternity that instills strict brotherhood and career development (www.mulamba.

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org). My acquaintance with Trevor dates back to a couple of years back in Webster University where we were taking our master degree in Human Resource Management.

My interactions with him were at an academic level where he emerged as a person of impressive communication and inter personal skills. He has over time been of exemplary academic standing enabling him to achieve above average grade points.

Looking at your minimum requirements for membership into the Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. leaves me convinced that Trevor in an ideal candidate for membership, and the fraternity stands to gain much from his strong character and personality. He in turn I believe will have an ample and a clear opportunity to develop his career and religious ties.

Trevor is of good character and of high moral and social standings, a fact I came to note in the many interactions during his master. His undergraduate course was taken from one of the few accredited universities in this nation and posses the level of academic background that your organization is looking for.

It is my sincere believe that armed with the above qualities and qualifications. Trevor posses the zeal and abilities to make an excellent member of your organization.

In case of any questions or reservations please don’t hesitate to call me.

Yours Sincerely

George Higgins

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