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Why use a smart phone? Why use a smart phone ? Everybody has a cell phone and the majority of us have a smart phone. Smart phone plays an important role in our daily life. You can see whenever in the street or metro, millions of people use smart phone. Why smart phones so popular around the world? I will start my topic now, why use a smart phone? It is universally acknowledged that we can use a smart phone not only chat or text with others but also play games, read books, listen to the music, surf on the internet. Sometimes we can even say that smart phone is a small computer.

Obviously, we use smart phone as an entertainment tool. Firstly, smart phone can be used as an audio player. It can provide you the music whenever you want , like everyday in the metro, music is necessary for me. Secondly, a smart phone sometimes can be instead of e-book. Although I think that E-book is popular nowadays, you don’t need to buy it if you have a smart phone. In addition, downloading books in phones instead of buying books in stores also means that you are an environmentally friendly person. Simultaneously, many games are free to access if you are tired from work or study.

Finally, smart phones can be used in different ways so in my opinion, using a smart phone as an entertainment tool can make our life becomes simple and colorful. Do smart phones have bad effects on our study? No way! I know that many people have an IPHONE as someone asked last week. For me as an example, I use IPHONE, I have many free apps which is benefit to my study. Cause English is my second language, I have Word a day this app to help me master more English vocabularies and SAT flashcards. I also have Google translate dictionary .

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Sometimes if you feel it is too complicated to look up the dictionary when you want to understand the word just check on your phone dictionary. In conclusion, smart phone to me is a good study tool. Overall, smart phone is a really great invention right? Sometimes even me think that using phones to surf the internet is incredible. Because I am not major in electronic stuffs and I am not interested in it. I don’t want to do some deeply research about it, but we all know that smart phone is useful and nowadays it becomes really easy to use. We must choose it for no hesitate.

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