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Social Impacts of Smart Phone Addiction

There is a serious negative impact on social relationships with the widespread use of cell phones and smart phones.Notwithstanding the fact that technology allows people to be constantly connected to the world, it leads people to become even more disconnected from each other as well.The first evident change of the social norm Is that people are starting to have less real communication with others, and more plumbing.

It has become a very common sight In today’s society to snub someone In social setting by looking at a mobile phone Instead of paying attention to him or her.

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Besides, teenagers nowadays are testing all the time rather than chatting with friends and employees are receiving work-related phone calls or e-mails after work and even during holidays. It can Interrupt real social life. The Intimacy, one of basic human needs, Is hard to achieve or malting when a mobile phone keeps beeping with alerts, notifications, and e-mail reminders.

To sustain good social life, It Is very Important for people to form meaningful relationships based upon mutual respect and sportiveness, and marked by a sense of loyalty, trust, and commitment with their family and friends in lieu of socializing online. Furthermore, reduced real life activities due to excessive use of mobile phones can bring isolation of individuals. People are becoming so distracted by their mobile phones that they are unable to make meaningful connections in social life.

Some researchers even found that people re commonly choosing smartness instead of going to work or school and cultivating personal relationship. Some might contend that video chatting can substitute an actual meeting; however, it only provides a temporary solution in limited situations. Face-to-face interaction, which cannot be replaced with electronic devices, is absolutely essential for people. Therefore, people should not be so involved in their mobile phones and engage in actual human interaction.

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