Why Should College Be Free? Exploring the Reasons Behind the Push for Free Education

Last Updated: 27 Jun 2023
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Every year, thousands of student graduates high school on Guam alone. They spent 12 years of their life going to school. Yes, it is worth it because you will have a chance to meet new people, make friends, learn new things, and learn new ideas. They spent 5 years in elementary, 3 years in middle school and 4 years in high school. Many people don't want to go to school anymore also, many people want to go to school but they know that they can't afford it. I asked several graduating students this year if they are going to college and most of them are not sure if they are going because they said that their parents couldn't afford it.

Before or after graduating, most of them look for a job already. Some works hard to make money for their college tuition, or to help their parents pay for it but they couldn't still afford it because they are only getting the minimum wage because they are only a high school graduate. How are they going to pay $5098 excluded the books that they are going to need? If college were free, everyone will be interested in getting a higher education and start studying hard in high school to get a higher education in college. However, they will need to hire more professors to teach in college.

Next, they would not have to worry about getting a job while they are studying, they can be more focused on their studies if college will be free. They would not have to worry about high paying tuition fee and over priced books. Despite of having high prices, it would still be worth it if you finish college but the problem is many of the students cannot pay it. If college will be free, they will have to raise the tax and it will make the life of the poor poorer. This is not necessarily true because if the government really wants to give a free education, they should not have to raise the tax. They already did a lot of successful fundraising this past few years, they can do it too if they really want to give free education.

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Finally, if they give a free education, the government will also benefit from it when the student finishes college. Although they say that they might compete in the same job. Every people have different perspective in life, there are a lot of job in this world and every people wants a different jobs and positions. I don't believe that they would be competing in one job. We don't have the same opinions in life; there are a lot of different jobs in the medical field alone. There's ton of job that is waiting and the community needs more worker.

Therefore, college should be free for everyone especially for those who are really interested in making their life successful. This is already and old issue but no one is taking action and every 3 to 5 years they are still increasing the tuition fee. They already know that many students cannot afford to attend college and they still increase the tuition. I would suggest that if they cannot give a free education, they should just drop the price for the public universities. Education is not about how expensive your school is, but how much you learned from it. Everyone deserves to be educated not just because they have the money.

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