Why is It so Difficult to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change in the Current World

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Why is it so difficult to mitigate the effects of climate change in the current world?Climate change refers to the change in the average weather conditions of a place over a long period of time i.e decades and millions of years. its caused by biotic processes, volcanic eruptions ,variation in the solar light received by the earth , plate tectonics and human activities. climate change and its effects in the recent world has been appoint of controversy whose focus whose focus to reduce continues to increase but to no avail in most of the countries. This paper presents reasons as to why it is difficult to reduce the effects of climate change in the recent world.

First of all Industrialization has made it difficult to control the effects of climate change. This is due to the huge rise in the use fossil fuels in the industrial activities. Only around twelve million tones of fossil fuel were used every year before 1776.after 1776 ,when the industrial area was initiated in America, the use of fossil fuel has been ever rising and today the world burns twelve billion tones of fossil fuel every year. This huge increase I the burning f fossil fuel change the makeup of atmosphere since the industries emit harmful gases like sulfur (iv)oxide which in turn changes the world’s climate .

The scale of emissions is very huge and hence difficult to reduce. The amount of carbon(iv)oxide and other gases that cause global warming into the atmosphere is very large around 36 billion tones per annum. This gases cause global warming in the atmosphere ad this over long time, causes climate change.

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The gases also form acid rain which is very harmful to living organisms like plants and even to the soils. Acid rain kills Plants and this over time leads to aridity in an area. I n addition the diversity and dispersion of the emissions makes the problem more challenging. It would be easier to deal with them if the sources were all in one place. However the emissions do not only come from industries, there are also individual sources like transport I .e exhausts from vehicles and cooling homes and offices.

The assets producing emissions are very long-lived hence difficult to mitigate climate change .For instance transport infrastructure i.e the road and rail infrastructure. The level of greenhouse gases from the development and use of transport infrastructure differs significantly between different transport means Emissions from the transport infrastructure comes from their construction, maintenance, operation .This infrastructure lasts for many years and so changing it tends to be long-term process and also very expensive.

There is no cooperation and unity among countries in fighting against climate change .In order to tackle climate change and its effects well ,cooperation among the countries globally is needed .No country can cut its emissions quickly and completely enough to prevent the level of concentration of carbon(IV)oxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from rising to levels which are very dangerous. Most of the leaders of the countries in the current world lack cooperation and this makes it difficult for them to come together and form international policies that will see to it that climate change reduces.

Every country in the modern world minds it economic growth. Therefore there may be a good climate change policy but emissions will still increase rapidly because the country is chasing after its economic development objectives .This is notably especially in most of the developing countries like Kenya which are struggling to contain emissions produced by fossil fuels despite having mitigation policies.

Finally energy is central to modern human life and this makes it challenging to mitigate climate change. Many human activities in the modern world need energy .This is because most activities are mechanized .Therefore most of the work is done by machines which mostly use fossil energy unless for the more developed countries which use nuclear power.

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