Why Is Abortion Wrong

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Last Updated: 01 Nov 2022
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Reasons why Abortion is wrong

1. It's murder. Abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn child.

2. It's a human life that you're ending. A human being has been created and will now never get to live out their full potential, so much as you may never get to know them, they'll never get to love you, they'll never have any kind of meaningful impact on their world, or even their local community. It's not just about the baby—it's about all the things that could have been but won't be because of your choice to end its life before it ever had the opportunity to experience them.

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3. It's a selfish choice that affects many other people besides yourself—your partner and family especially. You're making a decision that will affect not only your own life but also theirs as well—and sometimes your decision will negatively affect theirs more than yours! How can this be right? Wouldn't it make sense for us to be more thoughtful about our actions when we know how much they affect others around us?


Abortion involves killing a human being

The argument that abortion is not killing because it is not taking an adult's life is false. Killing a child in the womb is just as wrong as killing an adult. It is wrong because it involves ending the life of a human being with potential, who has not yet been born.


Whether abortion is wrong or not depends on the probability that a fetus is a human being

A lot of people believe that abortion is wrong, or at least that it should be illegal. However, their belief depends on the probability that a fetus is a human being.

If it's high, then they think it's wrong to abort it. If it's low, then they think it's right to abort it.

But what do we mean when we say "human being?" We don't usually mean "person," because we know that infants are not persons yet. So what do we mean? Well, according to most philosophers and religious leaders, a human being has these properties:

1) A human being has an immortal soul (or spirit). This means that once you die, your body will decay but you will live on forever in heaven or hell. This does not happen for animals! They die when they die!

2) A human being has free will: the ability to choose between good and evil actions without coercion from others. This does not happen for animals either! They can't choose between acting morally or immorally; they just act as their instincts tell them to act (e.g., lions attack gazelles while wolves attack sheep).

3) A human being has rational thought: an ability


Therefore abortion is wrong

Abortion is wrong because it is the killing of an unborn child. We should not take the life of another human being, even if that human being does not yet have a heartbeat or a brain.


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