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An Explanation of Why Abortion Should Be Legal

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One of the major fundamental philosophical issues ever to exist involves a person's definition as well as the comprehension of who exactly is able to feel. Notable scholarly sources define abortion as the termination of pregnancy, which is deliberate, and it is among the most imperative practical applications of this issue. Recent research by authoritative authors has shown conclusively that life on Earth is evidently threatened with destruction mainly from overpopulation as well as the poverty, which this overpopulation causes.

Luckily, abortion prevents and decreases overpopulation (Schwarz & Latimer, 2012). The paramount question concerning whether abortion must be done is fundamentally the question regarding whether the fetus or the embryo is a person. Scientific research has shown that the embryo in most cases weighs 100 grams and below and this is less than 10% of the human brain. This paper will exclusively expound on why abortion should be legal since it is useful and since humans become conscious after birth, not before (Shroyer, 2010).

It is paramount to note that law and ethics effectively protect people because they are evidently able to feel and enjoy happiness. Many actions are termed immoral since they cause unbearable pain to innocent people. Thus, actions are mainly considered as good if they cause happiness mainly to the society, which is the collection of every conscious object. The term object in this research refers to the generic term for anything or anyone. Therefore, to prevent cruelty, unbearable pain and abuses, which can destroy the whole society, each conscious object has to enjoy their fundamental rights of liberty, life and pursuit of happiness. A person is therefore defined correctly as a conscious object whereas the embryo or the fetus is not conscious since it cannot feel (In Balkin & Allen, 2005).

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The major problem facing the world today is overpopulation and not under- population. Environmental challenges occur mainly since the number of people existing is humongous and they therefore strain the crucial natural resources. This therefore means that not creating another person while lead to an average benefit to the society. The choice of a mother in abortion of not creating a person also means that, that person is unwanted.

Poverty throughout the world is linked to having many children, abortion effectively prevents such situations, and it results to a reduction of poverty. Poverty also contributes to crime. Thus, abortion reduces crime. There are other situations whereby a pregnant woman is economically challenged and it is evident that she cannot raise a child despite not being able to support herself economically. Such a situation will lead to her suffering as well as the suffering of the child she will give birth to, abortion can effectively prevent such suffering to humanity (Schwarz & Latimer, 2012).

In accordance to Shroyer (2010), there are medical reasons why pregnancy should be terminated such as a severe defect in an embryo. Down syndrome is a serious congenital disorder, which is a key cause of mental retardation in the world. Fortunately, this situation can be prevented through fetal testing together with abortion. Research has also shown that majority of pregnant women experience disturbances as well unbearable pain due to the pregnancy and it is a fundamental right of any person to have control over their entire bodies. Pregnant women should therefore be allowed to have the final decision on whether to terminate the pregnancy if their situation becomes unfavorable. Therefore, abortion is beneficial and it should be encouraged frequently and be legalized.

According to In Balkin & Allen (2005), the major challenge has been to classify objects into categories of those which feel and those, which do not. It is also worth noting that feeling is mainly meaningless without comprehending. The only evidence that shows that an object is effectively conscious can be obtained through the object's behavior observation and verification on the object's unique ability to comprehend and think. Therefore, an object should possess a set of distinguished and strong features to be an observer in order to be granted the noble fundamental rights of people.

The basic characteristics therefore form the paramount differences between those objects which feel and those, which do not. The characteristics of those objects, which feel, include mental characteristics such as the universal ability to solve problems, understand and learn; the ability to possess direct experiences in the memory and a full comprehension of the object being conscious. Thus, an embryo or fetus cannot yet feel and it should not be granted any rights. A pregnant woman should have the fundamental and unrestricted rights to terminate the pregnancy (Schwarz & Latimer, 2012).

In conclusion, abortion has shown that it does not concern the killing of an object or entity, which can feel. Abortion should be decided after evaluating the net effect it will have on the society since it is beneficial as a birth control. Abortion is 100% effective as a birth control since it can be performed many months after having sexual intercourse. However, abortion must be utilized as a supplement of the other birth control methods and not to replace them completely. The right to abortion should be granted to the pregnant woman at all the stages of the pregnancy and this right will be beneficial to the entire humanity. This right to abortion will effectively enforce the essential concepts on the vital rights of the people to be able to control their bodies, on people's fundamental rights, equality of all the people and on who is truly a person (Shroyer, 2010).


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