Reasons Why I Take the Scholarship Opportunity Advanced to Me?

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Robin Hood was a thief but he was a thief for a good reason. Stealing from the rich to help the poor is not a foreign concept to people, and while I agree stealing isn't the right thing to do, I more strongly agree that helping the poor is the right thing to do. If something is for the greater good, it does a lot of good and a little harm then it is for the best. Someone could easily say I should give up the scholarship but if I did what would that do? Maybe it would be given to someone else or be saved to given at a later time, but if I kept it, it would help me tremendously, I could possibly graduate early, saving me even more money. My graduating early I would be able to pay off loans earlier by getting a job sooner, and with the help from others to get me there I would be motived to help others as well. If I didn't take this scholarship I wouldn't be helping anyone, but if I did take it I could help myself and also be able to help others sooner then I had already wanted to.

I have received a scholarship that I rightfully deserve, and now, just because a member of the family that provides the scholarship has said he cheated in college, people think I should give up my scholarship. I can understand how people could say that "no one who values integrity would take Arthur family money." but they aren't people relying on this money to get them through school, and on top of that they are not aware of how hard I work to be acknowledged by a scholarship like such. I work part time, get good grades, and pay for all of my schooling on my own, I have a lot of integrity and that is the type of person the Arthur family wanted to help so there is no reason I shouldn't have it. The scholarship is the Arthur Family Scholarship, not the Bud Scholarship, just because one member of that family did not show integrity at one point in there life doesn't mean the whole family name is ruined. We are talking about one person in what could be a very large family, if people judge and label an entire family name from one person then there are many other family scholarships that should be turned down or eliminated.

Bud Arthur cheated his way through school, not his entire family, and the reason for the scholarship isn't because of Bud. I was awarded the Arthur Family Scholarship because it is awarded to university students who "demonstrate leadership ability and share in the value of integrity that is important to the Arthur family." People now think I should give up my scholarship because "no one who values integrity would take Arthur family money." I don't cheat and just because one member of their family did doesn't mean everyone else in that family did, and it also doesn't mean that the entire family lacks integrity or leadership, it was just one member of the family that made a bad decision. The Arthur foundation in whole shouldn't be discredited just for the mistake of a member of their family. I don't see why I shouldn't keep my scholarship when I demonstrated all of the values to earn it, and also did it all on my own, unlike Bud.

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It is a pretty clear decision to keep the scholarship and enjoy what my hard work earned. The only person that could control what I did to earn this is me, and I clearly deserve this scholarship. I work part time, do well in school, and pay for my education on my own, all at the same time. If I can do all of this on my own I clearly show leadership and integrity, which makes me a more then qualified student, and wholesome enough person to deserve this scholarship.

If I gave up my scholarship I would only be hurting myself, if I keep my scholarship I will only be effecting the Arthur family by taking their money. I am the one that will be most impacted by this decision, so why shouldn't I choose what is going to help me the most, especially when the outcome will only be effecting the wallet of a family that wants to help students like I. I could possibly graduate early, have less debt to pay off, and be able to afford the schooling that I am having to pay all on my own. Excepting the money would open doors to me that have never been open before, I'm a student that pays for school all on their own so why should I not allow a little help for once? I'm only effecting myself, I have considered and excepted what others have said, but the greater good would be done if I were to except this scholarship.

Once I take the scholarship it will help get me through school and will allow me to help others sooner. People may be offended that I take it but it won't really effect them and they will most likely forget about it by next week, who unlike me will remember this help for the rest of my life. Getting help from others would only motivate me to work harder and help others the way I first hand experienced the impact of a helping hand. Once everyone forgets about what Bud has done, which will surly be sooner rather then later, the impact of the scholarship will surly still leave a lasting impression on many Iowa students that receive it long after this all blows over. The scholarship is meant to help, there is no ill will behind it, people can make it into whatever they want, but it's for the greater good and should there for be used.

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