Essays on Confirmation

Essays on Confirmation

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Confirmation? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place.Confirmation essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Confirmation, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Apollo Shoes Confirmation Letter

to:Darlene wardlaw FROM: SUBJECT:CONFIRMATION REQUESTS DATE:OCTOBER 30, 2012 Two Forms of Confirmations We used both positive confirmations and negative confirmations. This is a required audit procedure by audit standards. Confirmations show existence and valuation of accounts and notes receivable. The positive confirmations are used to …

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias Rosemarie Hamm September 21, 2012 Confirmation Bias Confirmation bias is the human habit of seeking information that confirms one’s judgments or assumptions. One’s current feelings about a situation, memory, or person influence one’s thoughts and memories about that situation, memory, or person. If …

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Anthro Assignment

Anthropology 100Dr. Judkins Fall 2012 Writing Assignment by Christina O’Shea In the early twentieth century, Arnold van Gennep, a French ethnographer, wrote “The Rites of Passage” in which he describes the process of changing social states of being. This one theory has certainly made a …

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In Christian denominations that practice infant baptism, confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant created in baptism. Those being confirmed are known as confirmands. For adults, it is an affirmation of belief. Catholicism and Eastern Christianity view confirmation as a sacrament.


PRAYER FOR CONFIRMATION CANDIDATES: Lord, You send out Your Spirit to touch the hearts of all people, so that they may believe in You and in Jesus whom You sent. Look kindly on all candidates for Confirmation as they listen to Your voice. We pray that You will continue to guide us and sustain us.

Essential elements

What are the essential elements of the rite of confirmation? Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, awe/fear of The Lord. What do the gifts of the holy spirits do? You could obtain the grace of confirmation by virtue of the desire for confirmation which cannot be presently received.


The sacrament of confirmation builds on the sacraments of baptism, penance, and holy communion, completing the process of initiation into the Catholic community. (Note: The Byzantine Church confirms (or chrismates) at baptism and gives Holy Eucharist as well, thus initiating the new Christian all at the same time.)


You stand or kneel before the bishop. Your sponsor lays one hand on your shoulder and speaks your confirmation name. The bishop anoints you by using oil of Chrism (a consecrated oil) to make the sign of the cross on your forehead while saying your confirmation name and “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the confirmation?
The confirmation is a sacrament in the Catholic Church in which the candidate affirms their faith and is confirmed as a full member of the Church. It is considered one of the three sacraments of initiation, along with Baptism and Holy Communion. Confirmation is usually administered by a bishop, but can also be done by a priest or deacon. The candidate is typically asked to make the Sign of the Cross, and then the bishop anoints them with chrism oil on the forehead while saying the words I sign you with the Sign of the Cross and confirm you with the Chrism of Salvation. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Afterwards, the candidate is given a lighted candle as a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the gifts they have been given. They are also asked to recite the Creed, and to promise to obey the Church's laws."
How to write confirmation essay?
Confirmation essays are a type of academic essay assigned by teachers in order to test how well students can defend a given position or thesis. In order to write a good confirmation essay, students need to first understand the prompt or question being asked. Once they have a clear understanding of the prompt, they can begin to develop a position or thesis. After developing a position or thesis, students need to gather evidence to support their claim. This evidence can come in the form of data, quotes, or expert testimony. Once students have gathered their evidence, they need to organize it into a logical and convincing argument. Finally, students need to edit and revise their essay to ensure that it is free of errors and flows smoothly.
How to start confirmation essay?
Every confirmation essay will be different, depending on the topic and audience. However, there are some general tips that can be followed to ensure your essay is successful.Before starting your essay, it is important to first understand the purpose of confirmation essays. These essays are typically written in response to a prompt or question, and their purpose is to provide support or evidence for a particular claim or belief. As such, it is important that your essay is well-organized and provides clear and concise evidence to back up your argument.When beginning your essay, it is often helpful to start with an introduction that briefly explains the main point of your essay. This will help to set the stage for the rest of your paper and make it easier for your reader to follow your argument. Following your introduction, it is then time to begin developing your argument. To do this, you will want to provide evidence to support your claim. This evidence can come in the form of facts, figures, or quotes from experts in the field. Be sure to use credible sources to back up your argument, as this will make your essay more convincing.Once you have provided evidence to support your claim, you will then want to conclude your essay. In your conclusion, you should briefly summarize the main points of your argument and restate your thesis. By doing this, you will leave your reader with a strong impression of your argument and the evidence you have provided.
What Does Confirmation Mean To Me
Confirmation is a sacrament in the Catholic Church in which a person receives special graces to help them live their life as a faithful Christian. For me, confirmation means that I am now more fully a part of the Church and have a special responsibility to share my faith with others. I am also more fully committed to living my life according to the teachings of the Church. I receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which give me the strength to follow Jesus and to witness to my faith.

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