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What would you get rid of to improve life in the 21 st century? BY Anna3201 In today's world, there are many things that we are not happy. The whole time we complain about something, what worries us. However, when a good think about it, we see that we spoil ourselves this world. Often, the inventions and strenuous effort take control of everything around you. The question is: what would I get rid of to improve life in the 21st century? For me the worst things in the world are violence so that is the first thing which I would get rid of to improve life.

Violence is everywhere: at home, at school, at work. It is behaviour that demeans limited freedom, violates the rights and causes mental and physical suffering of another person. Contractor makes it a pleasure. Why? How can you derive satisfaction from observing someone's pain and fear? How abnormal tear brings Joy? Is it human? No! Such a person should not be called human. The physical and psychological violence we face every day. Sometimes we do not realize when we are its witnesses.

Reflecting for a moment, we can see how often we see that someone is bullied, teased. Sometimes simply unpleasant word for someone can make him suffer. The person most wronged no one to turn to for fear of ridicule. Physical abuse often affects the most vulnerable, who do not stick to a particular group, because they are easier to hurt them. The perpetrators know that they go unpunished, so often for a very long period of time persecute people. Physical abuse has many forms from teasing to serious or even beat kicks. This makes physical pain.

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I think it is worth considering whether in the same way it hurts psychological violence? , In this case the victims are weaker, but they can also be good students, and ordinary people are shy. Easily to heart them because of their nature they annot defend itself against such aggression. Emotional abuse often takes the form of name-calling, ridicule. In my view, the two forms of violence hurt the same way. One undermines the body - one in mind. Both are Just as harmful as the other person stripped of dignity. Therefore, we always react seeing the hurt the other person.

No condones the violence and think about how we would feel if someone behaved similarly in relation to us. Person who was bullied and teased as a child can have mental health problems in a present life. People, who have experienced violence in childhood, often do the same thing with your children or other people in heir present life. Violence is first step to a crime; people who use violence feel themselves unpunished and feel themselves believe they can do anything. This leads them to next crimes. Without violence in the world there would be no crime in the world.

Violence and criminality leads to the fact that people are becoming more aggressive so it leads to the wars in the world. We know, for example, that Hitler had as a child was abused, humiliated and mocked by his father, without the slightest protection from the mother. The real source of his hatred thus becomes obvious. But lso many other dictators such as Mao, Stalin, or Ceausescu have experienced violence in their childhood. So without violence would not to be wars on the world. Violence is the beginning of all evil in the world. ne thing which I would get rid otto improve lite is stimulants There are many types of stimulants; they are alcohol, tobacco (cigarettes), drugs, and even coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate. In the last four, there can be no true physical dependence. These substances, however, operate on the pleasure centres in the brain, which can cause partial dependence on them, but typically psychological. The most dangerous of stimulants are certainly drugs. The most common of these are: natural marijuana, hashish and cocaine or synthetic amphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, heroin.

For these heavier drugs addiction can occur even after a single ingestion. Drug use often has a very negative effect, leads to fatal car accidents, beatings, murders or suicides. Drugs damage internal organs and systems, especially the nervous system. This leads to the degeneration of physical and mental body. Addiction is unable to perform basic activities of daily living and reduced to the constant search for the next portion of timulants. The problem of drug addicts is also moving HIV causes AIDS, a fatal disease. Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions.

He is considered the disease. Binge drinking significantly reduces mental and physical. In extreme cases leads to damage to the liver, heart and stomach as well as mental diseases. Alcoholism is a serious problem in pathological families. Children from such homes often have depression and psychological trauma. Another well-known tobacco is a drug contained in cigarettes. Adults reach for the cigarettes to be de-stress, relax or simply out of boredom or for the company. After smoking a cigarette, some feel a recovery and improves their concentration.

These feelings, however, are short-lived. Chronic cigarette smoking is the reason for a number of diseases, including lung cancer which in most cases leads to death. As you can see, not only strong stimulants like drugs, but these are less harmful to humans. I think that violence and stimulants are the worst things in our world and it's Just I would like to be excluded from the 21st century. Violence and stimulants are the beginning of all evil in the world. Without those things our life would be better. World would be more beautiful.

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